Friday, March 23, 2012

Cuddly No-Sew Quick and Easy Fleece Blankie!

Still no new serger for me.  It is in my state finally, but alas not yet arrived at the store to pick up.  I've been drooling over my fabric and wishing I could start sewing it all up!  I know I don't need the serger to do the sewing but I prefer it so much that I will wait for it! Since the fabric keeps piling up, my husband has put a ban on the fabric purchases.... well, my mom convinced me to go with her to the fabric store on Monday (it took a lot of convincing.... lol).  I picked up some cute spring and summertime prints and the fabric to make my daughter's Easter dress. 

Miss K came with us and found some fabric of her own.  (That girl would buy the whole store if she could).  She wanted me to make her another blankie out if this cute fuzzy fleece.  Miss K has 3 blankets already, plus the cloth doll in the post  below AND she had to have a soft and fuzzy lamb from the fabric store too.  Pretty soon she will have no room left in her bed for herself!  Anyway, I thought I would whip up a quick no-sew blanket for her today before I pick her up from Kindergarten. 

This really only took me 1/2 hour or less to do!
1. Lay your fleece out in double thickness and cut out your rectangle ) making the sides as straight as possible.
2. With fabrics still on top of each other cut strips through both of the two layers

3. Tie knots into the strips
4. Enjoy the quick No-Sew Blankie!  Now isn't that cute and easy!

She will be so happy and surprised when I pick her up!  And I really like working with the fleece because it doesn't fray and you don't have to sew it!
And here sits some of the pretty fabric I got Monday....
just waiting to be cut and made into cute clothing!  I can see it all now in my head :)

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