Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to Make Skinny Curtain Ties (with Velcro)

 1. Use a fabric tape measure to measure around the curtain to the length you need and add 1 inch (I'm using a vibrant green duck fabric from Hancock Fabrics)
2.  Cut out two rectangles out of your fabric.  I used a width of 4 which gave me a finished width of 1 inch. The length I came up with was 11 inches (which is 10 inches in finished width).
3.  Press both flat.
5.  Fold 1/2 inch in on both 4 inch ends and sew (like making a hem-- you can choose to skip the sewing of this part if you do not want the extra lines on the box pattern for the velcro.  I liked the pattern it made.  If skipping, simply press 1/2 inch in on both of the ends and then fold and topstich)

6. Then fold each rectangle in half(bringing long sides together) as shown below so that you have a long strip; Press
7.  Open what you have just pressed above and fold in the top side to the middle line (that you made by pressing) and then the bottom side to the middle line you made as shown below. Press

 8.  Next fold top to bottom and topstich all the way around the entire strip.
9. Place a piece of Velcro on top side of one piece and the alternating bottom side of the same piece. This way when wrapped around the Velcro meets each other as shown below. sew around entire piece of Velcro

 10. This is the cute square pattern you will have when you have finished
 11. Hang on curtains as shown below!  See that wasn't so hard!  Now since they are Velcro they hold tight and you can make as many as you want to change them out!

To keep them secured when not in use I used a piece of the soft fuzzy circle Velcro that adheres to fabric with no sewing.  I placed this soft fuzzy circle on the backside of my curtain and then I just hang the one sticky piece of Velcro to that each night.  They stay behind the curtain and thus are not visible! :)  Enjoy!

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