Thursday, March 1, 2018

Spring Maxi Dress and a Failed Cardi

The other day WI hit 50-something degrees so I thought “Oh, it’s a great day for photos!” and ran outside to take some.  I was a bit too eager because the sunshine, while nice, was not in my favor for good photos plus the ground was soppy, muddy, squishy, and gross.  I’m posting them anyway.

The dress.  Boundless by Patterns for Pirates


I made a sleeved version this time, maxi, and the bodice is lined.  There are also pockets.  I started this dress sometime last fall and just couldn’t get the motivation to finish it.  I love pockets in dresses but sometimes all that extra work has me procrastinating. 


This is a modified Boundless.  I do not like the back being so low so I raised the back neck 3”. I made a 1/2” forward shoulder adjustment. I also felt restricted in my other tank boundless when I walked, so this time I used the skirt from the Made for Mermaids Chloe.  It has much more room at the ankle.

Size used: Large.


Fabric:  Originally I ordered 2 yards of this beautiful Knitpop fabric.  Then I cut the front skirt and realized I needed more fabric, it would not fit with just 2 yards.  I went and ordered another 2 yards just to be sure.  It is the Double Brushed Denim Teal Amber Floral on Poly Spandex; $8.50/yd from Knitpop.  I then had leftover fabric after I cut this dress out so I quick made up a Sweet Tee with the leftovers.  So, I would say this dress used 3 yards.


Thoughts:  It fits well.  I’m glad I added width to the bottom of the skirt, it flows better when I walk.  I love the fabric.  I like the dress a lot, but I’m not in love with it.  Sometime between fall and finishing it I just sort of fell out of love and wanted to just get it done.  Maybe as time goes on I will enjoy it more. 


I like to serge fold over elastic at the waist.  it helps the gathers retain their shape and the FOE is soft so it doesn't irritate my skin the way elastic does.

McCalls 6996 - Failed Cardi

I can’t even tell you when I made this it has been so long ago now.  It was one of those projects I was super excited for, sewed it up right away, and then hated it.  So it sat and sat and I never photographed it or blogged about it.  It lived on my dress form, Betty for many months now. 


I’m not sure if it is because of a bad fabric choice, or the pattern itself.  So many people like this pattern and it looks great on others – so I have to assume it is the fabric.


Size: Large. I made a size L because at that time my bust was 39” (it is 37.5 now); The cardi was too big then and now.  I made view C/D.  I also did a 1/2” forward shoulder adjustment.


The fit unpleasant; too long in the arms, big overall.  The fabric is thicker yoga knit (on it’s own it is so soft and amazing but apparently totally wrong for this cardi).  I’m also unsure of when I got this fabric but I put it in my database Dec 2016.  I used 2 yards “cranberry DBP Yoga blend” from knitpop.



I’ll salvage the yoga knit if I can – hack it up into something else.  I may try this cardi pattern again sometime in a much drapier fabric and in a size M.


  1. I love your floral maxi dress! It's so pretty on you. I didn't recognize the cardi until you put the tie on and then it clicked with seeing what others have made. I too thought about getting this pattern, but I made something similar for one of my girls and didn't really care for it. With the fabric you used though, it is probably quite comfy and I would use it around the house. With it being big, it could be kind of like a half robe with loungers :)

    1. Thanks Shirley! It's secret pajamas. it is super comfortable to wear.

  2. Hi Kristin, your maxi dress is very elegant! Perhaps you were a bit anxious for spring, if so I know just how you feel as we have quite a lot of snow (for the UK) right now. I like that you post the things you don’t like as much too, there is a lot to learn with putting pattern and fabric together, isn’t there? Even when I am sure I have it right, I still make a few errors. C’est la vie!

    1. Thanks Philippa! yes, very anxious for no snow and warmer weather. I like to post my failures and successes because I like to read about them from others too :D

  3. I just recently made and blogged this cardigan too. I was also surprised, based on all the glowing reviews and the finished measurements, at how big it was on me. I ended up taking my sleeves off, narrowing the shoulder, narrowing the sleeve, and then after that I still had to take it in significantly from the bust line to mid-bicep. I like the fit now, but the amount I had to narrow the shoulder was kind of nuts!

    1. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one Masha! I will try your suggestions. Thanks!


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