Friday, March 17, 2017

Sewing with a Plan ~ Renfrew and Jalie Yoga Pants

Sewaholic Renfrew 1201


I’ve made the renfrew many times, and I love almost all of them.  This one is no exception. This would be my sixth Renfrew to date (not counting the mini one I made for Miss K).

1. Elephants  2. birds  3. Gray  4. Skater Mashup  5. Sweetheart Mashup


Size and adjustments:   8 for shoulders and bust, 10 for waist, 12 for hips. This is 2 sizes smaller than my measurements for the shoulders/bust and one size smaller for the waist hips.  I find the renfrew to fit very well but the pattern runs just 1 or 2 sizes big.
1/2" square shoulder adjustment.  1/2" forward shoulder adjustment.


Fabric: 2 yards brushed sweater knit in Navy blue, purchased in an auction box from Knitpop in October 2016. $11.40 total after shipping. This fabric is super soft and feels so good to wear.
Thoughts: I love this top!  It’s soft, blue, and has a cowl – 3 of my favorite things!


Jalie 3022 Yoga Pants

jalie yoga 1

Size:   waist “X” and my hip “BB” – these are each 2 sizes above my real measurements as Jalie runs slim. I added an inch to the length because all my other ones seem to shrink up in the dryer and are eventually an inch too short.  This would be my 7th pair of these pants!

1. Black plain  2. Hunter Green 3. Green Shorts 4. Teal Pants 5. Black and White  6. Black for Miss K

jalie yoga 2

Fabric: 2 yards 10oz Navy Cotton Lycra Knit from Stylish fabrics. Purchased September 2016 for $13.80 specifically for these pants.


Thoughts: I love this pattern.  This is my go-to for pants. I can wear them around the house in comfort and also out to run quick errands, pick up the kids, go to doctor appts, etc.  They fit so nicely.

Sewing Plan updat
Below is my sewing plan for Jan-April.  The renfrew and yoga pants are finished.  On to something else!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Practice makes perfect and you have nailed the fit on both of these!! Love them both! And the Renfrew looks so cozy!

    1. Thanks Nakisha! It's really cozy :) Perfect for our weird midwestern weather.

  2. Such a great outfit! I really need to make another pair of yoga pants. I love mine. I have only made one pair of solid color ever. Crazy, huh? I absolutely love the color and look of the fabric of yours.

    1. What? only one pair of solid? Shirley! You need to make yourself some more! I live in these

  3. Both pieces are perfect. Nothing like a bit of TNT sewing to lift the spirits!


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