Saturday, March 11, 2017

A little catch up– Man sewing, gloves, and a plushie

As I was cleaning my sewing room yesterday I noticed I had a lot of makes I never posted to my blog.  I like posting my makes even if they are fails because I look back often before I make something to see what worked and didn’t. Also, it helps me remember what adjustments I’ve made. Plus, it inspires me on days I feel like giving up sewing! So here are a few of the un-posted makes.

Jalie 2328 – Tank Top for Men
Waaaaay back in the summer (2016) I decided to make my husband and son a tank top.  Mr. T got a size Q in the shoulders and S everywhere else.  Mr. Sunny got a straight size Z with an inch added to the length because he is tall.

Mr. Sunny’s looked great on him fit wise. But He informed me he doesn’t like any sort of shirt without sleeves.

Mr. T loved his – for bed – but fit wise it ended up really long on him.  As you can see in the picture his is long whereas Mr. Sunny’s is proportionately correct (even though I added an inch to his).  T still wears his for bed and Mr. Sunny’s went to the scrap pile to be remade into something else.  (I used it to make this P4P raglan for me – way down on the page with the Viking helmet)

Fabric: Mr. Sunny’s: 1 yard Kaufman Laguna Stretch Jersey Knit Royal, purchased from in May 2016 $6.97.  Mr. T’s is Peacock blue Jersey knit, cotton lycra, from Fashionfabricsclub in June 2015, I think this used a fat half so $1.98

Patterns for Pirates – Papa Bear Joggers
I was so excited to make Mr. Sunny a pair of joggers when this pattern came out in Nov 2016.  I even traced and sewed them up the day they released.  I made a size 1X which matched his measurements. 
Fabric: almost 2 yards of Heather Grey Velour (80%cotton 20%poly) from fashionfabricsclub purchased August 2016 for $7.43. 


These sewed together well – the instructions were great.  However, they were hilariously short on my husband.  He still wears them from time to time but they look so funny on him.  I think he needs a good 4” or more added to the length and even though he is tall, his legs are normal sized. 

Green Pepper – Glov-Itts
Miss K asked for some fingerless gloves in January.  So I picked up this Green Pepper pattern and tried to make her some.  Well, some things are better of being purchased at a store.  This pattern was super hard to put together – super hard.  It took a lot of time and little details, not enjoyable by any means. 
The gloves turned out too small for her, the fingers are way too tight…….She did like them though.
Fabric: Scraps of Zelda fleece from Joann fabrics. 

Burda 12/2016 #134 Whale Plush
When my December Burda came in November, Miss K fell in love with the whale plushie.  So I made it for her for Xmas and when she woke up Xmas morning it was under the tree.
This was an easy sew, the directions were easy to follow.  I had a bit of trouble with sewing the fins.  They have you stuff them first and then sew 3 lines down the fins.  My machine did not enjoy this so for the other fin I tried to sew it and then stuff it… not a good idea. Stuff first, then sew.  It turned out cute, and HUGE.  K loves it.


Fabric: 1/2 yard anti-pill royal fleece fabric purchased form Hancock's in Sept 2015 for $1.66 and 1/2 yard of White short pile Fur that I purchased in 2012 from  I was so excited to use this up as it’s been in my stash forever. 

I'll try to get some good photos of my makes that I'm behind on posting.

Happy Sewing!


  1. I love that whale! I was thinking today on my next blog most to give mention to all my recent failed attempts at sewing. That keeps it real for others I think. No matter how good I sew, when I fail, I feel like a beginner all over until I read where someone else has made something that didn't work. That sounds terrible, but real. ha ha

    1. Thank you Shirley! I agree with you completely. I love seeing everyone's pretty makes but seeing the fails is equally important.

  2. That whale! It's so cute!!:)

    1. Thanks Cindy! He's really fun to lay your head on too :)


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