Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Top: Jalie 2805 - Size Q at shoulder/bust graded to S for the waist/hip.

Bottoms: Jalie 3351 – Size S at the waist, R everywhere else. 


Fabric: 1 yard Rainbow Tie-Dye Swimwear Knit from fabricmart.  I purchased this in May 2015 for $4.80.  It’s a great swim knit.  1 yard Aqua Swim Knit for contrast.  The top is also fully lined in front.  Purchased at the same time for $4.40.  Total for Swimsuit : $9.20

suit whale

Miss K loves this suit.  She is super modest and didn’t want any type of store suit because they are too revealing. 


Miss K’s friend came to swim at our house a few times this summer and got a cute swim suit and bag to match. 


Bottoms are Jalie 3247 View E - Size R.  Then I put the swim briefs from 3351 (also a size R) inside them.  I did have to shorten the rise by 1” for them to fit right in the shorts. 


Top is the SUAT Brazi in XS

These were such a quick sew.  I think I made them in an hour.  Her favorite animal is a Zebra so I used my silhouette to put it on a bag for her with HTV.  I put her name on the bag too.  Fabric: scraps from my suit I made back in Feb 2015.  It is an Italian Swimwear print (nylon spandex) from Michael Levine, Inc. that I purchased in May 2014.  This stuff is super soft.  Top is fully lined, bottoms have the swim brief attached for the lining.


  1. So fun! I love them both. That SUAT as a top is great!

    1. thanks GG! I'm sure I'll be making more as this summer approaches too.

  2. You have made so many bathing suits that you can probably sew them in your sleep now! I never made any more Jalies except for the one set I made me and my girls. Next summer I will have to make more because 2 years of the same suit is enough (for me). Of course my girls no longer fit in theirs I think.

    1. LOL I probably could Shirley! I was so intimidated by them at first. Now they are one of the easiest things to make, take so little fabric, and sew up so quickly.


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