Thursday, February 12, 2015

Swimsuits for K ~ Kwik Sew and Jalie

I'm trying to be ahead of the game this year :)  K has outgrown her last swimsuit and thus needed a new one.  She and I both loved her Jalie one but the band on top irritated her.  She didn't like the seam right at the bust.  I decided to try and modify a Kwik Sew 2725 leotard to make a plain tank, and pair it with the Jalie 3351 swim shorts. This is also my 2nd entry into the PR active wear contest.

Kwik Sew 2725
This pattern is for a leotard and you can make it plain or with contrast fabric.  When I first tried it on K it was 1" to long in the neckline and armhole. So I took 1" off at the shoulder seams and it was much better.  I used a size 10 in shoulders/bust for her and tapered to a 14 in waist.  I cropped it off as a tank instead of a one piece suit. I used clear elastic in the neckline and armholes.

The first top I made with flowers and teal contrast fabric, but K doesn't like the seams on the front. (that girl, I tell you!) Perhaps she will get used to it in time. I lined only the flowered front part with the teal swim knit.

The second top I made with leftovers of her old suit and an aqua swim knit for the back panel.  I also lined the front panel with a white swim knit.

Floral is "Italian Swimwear Print - Neon Multi" and is nylon/spandex.  I picked it up last May from Michael Levine, Inc. LOVE THIS PRINT!! Perfect swim weight. 1 yard, $10.
Teal paired with floral is: "Teal Green Activewear" and is nylon/lycra. I purchased it last May from fashon fabrics club. It is thin and really slippery, plus it is very stretchy. I would use it more for dance and not so much for swim. 1 yard, $6.95

White floral is scraps from her first suit. This fabric was a clearance find at Hancock a long time ago.  It is nylon lycra and was $7.59 for the yard.  It is super soft and thick. I wish I could have yards of stuff this nice!
The aqua paired with it is "Aqua Blue Activewear" and is nylon/lycra.  I purchased it last May from fashion fabrics club.  It is a weird knit. Not slippery, but soft. I wouldn't expect it to be a swim knit. 1 yard, $6.95

Jalie 3351
For both bottoms I sewed a straight size Q and the fit was great.  I added the pockets to the side of both pairs.  I used clear elastic for the hidden brief legs. Not much more to say except that this pattern is awesome!

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. I'm getting ready to make swimsuits next too! I cannot wait to try out the Jalie shorts pattern. I hope I am as successful at making my girls swimsuits as you have been with your daughter. I made them a swimsuit a couple of years ago, but the bottoms didn't have elastic in the top, so they weren't too secure when they were heavy with water. :(

    1. lol, Shirley! you are so fast!! I just hit "publish" :)
      You will love the Jalie pattern. it is easy to get together too. (except the last step that they never ended up clarifying where you attach the briefs to the shorts - it's sort of a guess there). Swim suits are easy now that I've done them. I use a 75/11 stretch needle in all my machines to sew them. I have the shorts pattern traced for myself too. Let's see if I'm brave enough to tackle that one!! Thanks Shirley!!

    2. Did you just put the briefs to the shorts right before you attached the waistband? Did you do any sergering or just all by sewing machine?

    3. Shirley, I usually baste the briefs into the shorts the way they are supposed to end up. And then I put R side of waistband to R side of pants and serge all the way around. Then I just flip the waistband up. I don't think it's the "right" way to do it because then there is a seam inside the pants where they attach, but my brain can't think of a different way to do it :)

  2. These are great and look really comfortable. I hope she likes them when summer rolls around (:

    1. Thank you Joy :) I do hope so. She will have to if she wants to get in the pool!


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