Friday, January 9, 2015

Miss Nala's Coat ~ Simplicity 2099

A long, long time ago (Oct 2012) I sewed our Nala puppy a coat with Simplicity 2099.

She has been wearing it since, but the bottom velcro always pops off and it is too tight on her chest and stomach.  I wanted to make her a new coat.

 she already got a spot of dirt on it, lol.  And I haven't washed my markings out yet

 This week is super cold here (-20 to -45 below most of the week) and I just shaved poor Nala's fur.  So she needs a new coat.  I measured her this time and she was more of a Medium than a Small.  That poor pooch thought I was crazy measuring her all up with my tape. LOL. I could just read her expression thinking "what are you doing woman?!?"

Last time I didn't like that the coat was unlined so this time I made sure to line it.  I used a piece of cotton for the outer layer and fleece for the "lining".  Everything went together fine.  The instructions are very easy and there are nice pictures steps along the way. Exactly what you would expect for an "it's so easy" pattern.  I sewed this up on my vintage Kenmore and it purred through all the layers and seams without issue.

This last week I also picked up a monogram unit for my Kenmore machine off eBay.  I was too excited to get it out and give it a try.  I put Nala's name on the back of her coat at the neck.  I should have used a darker thread color but I was rushing to get it done before my husband came home.

I was having issues with it too.  I couldn't get why it didn't want to go on my original fleece fabric.  It did not want to push the fleece around - I realized my tension was off much later in time. Then it kept getting hung up on the last letter and not moving - my foot was hitting the oval bar in the back because I have an adapter on my foot.  So I ordered a new darning foot to see if that is small enough, it should come soon.  My machine is low shank and the monogram foot that came with it is for high shank. So I just made the last letter with no foot on at all and the material jumped around a lot.  shrug. Nala doesn't mind but the last "A" is a bit choppy.

I put snaps in the coat this time instead of velcro but they keep popping open despite the coat fitting fine.  I may go back and put in a little velcro tab across the tummy.

I love how it looks; Nala, however does not enjoy wearing this thick coat.  It is quite funny the way she looks at me when I put it on her. The shoulders are too low and she doesn't want to walk right with it on.  I think the legs are too thick for her liking.  I might just do them in fleece without the cotton top next time.  They are about 2 inches too long for her legs too (that's why the cuffs are turned up- but that adds bulk too).  Lengthwise and width wise the fit is good. And it does keep her much warmer outside so she suffers through it.

fleece lining

**I have since altered Nala's little coat now that she has worn it a few days.   I cut off 2" on the cuffs and flipped the fleece lining over the cotton layer and stitched.  I also added a velcro strap to the tummy section (as the pattern calls for anyway).  It fits her much, much better and stays on her.  She is very happy with it now and can run around freely.

shorter cuffs, velcro tab

"Much better mom!"

This is a simple little coat pattern and an "it's so easy" pattern.  With a few modifications specific to your fur baby, it is an excellent coat and now Nala is much warmer.

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. Fitting a dog’s coat, I’m pretty sure I haven’t read about this on another sewing blog so far :). Sweet dog you have there and she does look really pleased in the last picture indeed.

    1. hahaha. I know, I'm an oddball lol. Thanks Kat!

  2. Such a funny coincidence that you posted this - the evening before, my SIL asked me to knit a (complicated, fair isle) dog sweater. I said no to that, but told her that I'd sew a coat. And then this post! Hunted down and won an auction on eBay already. So thanks for this!

    1. Omg Gail! That is too funny! I'm so glad you got the pattern. Please show pics when you get it made. I hope you enjoy it like I have :) (ps, I wouldn't knit the coat either! Fair Isle is beautiful but wow, hard!)

  3. I love it! She is adorable. I have seen pet patterns and thought how fun that would be to sew up something for a dog, but we don't have a dog day when we get back home. I think it is so nice to have a coat for your dog. I have seen people out here and with this cold, their dogs just shiver! Your machine embroiders nice big letters too! My machine will do letters, but I don't think they are that big. I haven't figured out how to use that feature yet.

    1. Thank you Shirley :) She knows she's the baby. I have to carry her around as much as possible in the day. Whines like a toddler to be picked up haha. I want another pup but husband says no :( I see poor dogs outside freezing too. People don't realize that they do get cold. They don't have a winter coat built up if they are house pets!
      I have a choice of 3/4" or 3/8" of the letters. It is such a fun toy :) I'm still getting used to it but mine has these plates that slide into a mechanism that attaches to the bobbin part. Then it just goes along the plate and makes the letter. boggles my mind!

  4. I think you are going for the cutest post of the year with these pics! I love your dog! My dogs both have coats, now I am slightly ashamed they were bought from a shop!!

  5. I have this pattern and all the pieces, but I lost directions 1-6! I can only find page 3 :( How easy is it to eye ball and sew it without the first part?


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