Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Vintage Simplicity 8072 ~ Amazing Tank! (Peplum-ish)

I have been a busy bee the last 4 days!  Shamefully, it took me those four days to make this tank but I love, Love, LOVE it!!!

Pattern Stash Contest ~ Vintage Simplicity 8072

First I traced the pattern - The version I have is a size 12.  In RTW I am a size small on top - however, in vintage years I'm about a size 10-12.... LOL.  Anyway I wanted to make a muslin first because I had a certain saved fabric in mind for View 4 (the brown one on top right).

(finished tank - more pics below)

So Day 1 I traced the pattern pieces and haphazardly slapped a quick muslin together

I loved it.  However, what I failed to read carefully is that the band is on top on the OUTSIDE! not the inside.  Anyway I plugged on adding 3 inches to the length and took 1 inch off the sides from top to waist and leaving the width at the waist to hips.

Day 2 I started sewing the top.  Lucky for me, my walking foot arrived the same day.  It was nutso surgery to put it on my machine until I realized what the thing wanted me to do.  The walking foot worked perfect  for my slippery rayon challis fabric. I sewed the gathers on the top and put together the backs and attached to the front.  Then I went to the band and realized I forgot to cut the interfacing.  End of day 2!

Day 3 I finished most of the sewing.  Tragically I attached the band upside down at first and had to seam rip the entire top part.  Then I put the band on inside out..... OMG and had to re-seam-rip the entire top part again.  Frustration!  The seam ripper is evil.  Nonetheless I plugged on and got it right. I added the back buttons - my favorite part, and called it a day.

All night I kept thinking of the tank.  I couldn't wait to get up today - albeit raining and gloomy.  I finished the hem and straps.  LOVE!

FABRIC:  Ok, I've had this stuff a year and was afraid to part with it.  The fabric is a beautiful soft and buttery rayon challis.  Foolishly I only ordered 1 yard and they sold out quick.  I waited for the perfect project to use this stuff.  The official title "Rayon Challis Deco Turquoise/Orange" from  $2.99/yard. What was I thinking!!! I should have ordered 10 yards. ugh. kicking self.
The muslin was a cheap remnant of some nasty polyester stuff at Walmart for $0.60
The tie I picked up at Hobby Lobby for $1 - It is a satin navy.

Total Cost of Tank: $4.59 Besides Thread and Interfacing

inside view of front with casing (I made it with my bias tape maker! It was easy!)

My favorite part about the top - the back buttons!

Super sweet vintage buttons I found in my stash that surprisingly matched!

Front view

Instructions for pattern were great.  When I took the time to read and do each step everything was clear.  I had no issues.  I did not slip stitch the back pieces where the buttons are; I sewed them for a little more support.  I did not slip stitch the band facing, I stitched in the ditch on the outside of the top. Other than that everything was smooth.
I plan on making it again because I love it so much!  The rayon challis is lovely for this design but I think it may be a little too flimsy for the ties pulling through.  I might try a cotton next time - although the drape of the rayon is great here.

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. Hi, I saw this on sewing pattern review. I just love what you did. It looks so cute on you! I know the feeling when you should have gotten more of a really nice pc of fabic. Great job overall. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much Juanita! Sometimes you just never know how a sewing garment is going to turn out!

      Your comment makes me so happy!

  2. This turned out so cute! I LOVE the fabric. I'm not sure, but I may have had that pattern when it was new - very 70s!

    1. Thanks K-Sue! I'm so sad that I used all of the fabric up. That's awesome that you may have had it new! I am fascinated by all the lovely styles of the 50s-the 70s!


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