Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Summer Fun Tank Top! New Look 6822 ~ Pattern Stash Contest

It's been rainy the last few days here in Wisconsin and you must think I'm crazy to be sewing tank tops!  It's ok though, we are going on vacation soon to Florida so we will be using these summer clothes sooner than normal :)

I'm still busting through some of the patterns in my stash for the Pattern Stash Contest.
Here is New Look 6822.

I'm not even sure why I have this pattern but I thought View D looked cute.  I traced it in a size 8 as Miss K is size 8 RTW.  It is in knit fabric so I figured it would be pretty forgiving size-wise.  After I traced it and put the shoulders together I had K try it on.  We both realized it was long ~ a tunic and not the tank we both were imagining from the pattern picture.  She told me where she wanted the hem to be and I marked it as shown below with my clips.

We also decided to adjust the casing line at this point too.  Miss K is higher waisted than the pattern called for. However, in the end I moved the hem down an inch from my clip marks(4-5 inches shorter than pattern) and I moved the casing line back to what the pattern states.

When sewing the shoulders together I didn't like how they wanted the casing for the elastic.  It would be really flimsy to sew the seam allowances together and have the elastic just hang out floppy.  I stitched the seam allowances down and toward the back of the tank to make the casing and I really like the result.
I also used 2 inches for the elastic; I'm not sure what the pattern asked for.

front side of shoulder elastic in casing
 wrong side of shoulder elastic in casing
inside finished view of tank with bias casing on waist
finished tank

Sewing the rest of the tank went good.  I straight stitched with my ball-point needle and then zigzagged the seam allowances.  I had NO idea what the directions were saying to do to finish the bias binding part on the V-neck part.  I used ribbing instead for the neck and armholes choosing to sew right sides together and then topstitching instead of the normal bias way.  I didn't add any bows to the shoulders because Miss K doesn't like them.

I chose a rolled hem because it added a more feminine touch and I am tired of doing folded hems!  The rolled hem is really way to easy.   
rolled hem

The directions for all Views are meshed together so it was a bit crazy to read then and find the next step.

FABRIC:  This is the last of my knits I ordered in February from The Fabric Fairy.  It is a wonderful cotton jersey knit called "He Loves Me Not" by David & Goliath.  I don't see it available anymore but I had 1 yard, 60" wide for $8.33.  The pattern calls for 7/8 yard of 60" wide.  I used only 1/2 - 3/4 yard because of the shortened length. The ribbing is from Fabric.com "Designer Cotton Blend Rib Knit Fushia" 50% cotton/50% poly.  It is a great medium weight rib knit.
back view
 front view
 side view
 Close up of front view - notice the sad pouty lip!!!

Conclusion: I love the tank.  I wasn't sure if I'd like it when it was coming together but I'm really pleased!  Miss K was in a foul mood today after school so I'm glad I even got any half-way decent pictures of her in it!  I'm surprised at the success of the tank because I wasn't sold on even trying the pattern in the first place.  I think I might want to make the cute little dress in View B now!  I really like the cinched shoulders and elastic in the waist, it gives the tank some nice shaping.

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. The pout goes with the crummy, rainy day and the "He loves me not" across the front of the blouse. ;)

    1. LOL That is the best! You are so right :D I love the "he loves me not" parts. Thanks for the great comment!


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