Sunday, April 7, 2013

McCall's M6547 Sundress ~ Pattern Stash Contest

I've been happily sewing some patterns from my stash lately and it feels great!  I am so glad when I actually use the patterns for what they are designed for... making things!

Friday I tackled McCall's M6547.  This is a pattern Miss K grabbed last year sometime; she liked it because of the ruffles on a lot of the dresses.

I chose to use some of my recent knit on View C - a cute little sundress.  I didn't want to do a contrasting top so I merged Pattern pieces 3 to 6 and 4 to 7. I also added a full lining instead of just the top pieces.

I read through and followed the directions because I wanted to "test" the pattern out completely.  I had no issues with the directions.  Really, I only had 3 pieces to sew up, plus two from the lining.  My lining was slippery and light so I sewed it with my straight stitch and ball point needle, then serged each edge. I did the same for the fabric.  When I attached the lining to the top it didn't like the straight stitch - it wanted to pull apart and show threads. I re-sewed them with a zigzag and then top-stitched with a zigzag as well.

I chose a rolled hem for the bottom and left the lining hem raw.

I liked that it was easy to make, and a fast sew.  I didn't like that the shoulder straps have a gap on them in the back.  I'll have to readjust them before Miss K wears this out.

(Gap in shoulder straps in back on both sides)

Overall I'm satisfied because it was so fast, easy, and inexpensive.  This was my first rolled hem too!  Mainly because I didn't want to perform surgery on my serger to get the left needle out and remove the stitch finger. I was scared to take things off the serger!  All went ok and it worked out great.

(rolled hem)

Fabric: Pattern calls for 60" wide 5/8 for main body and 3/8 for contrasting top.  I had 1 yard of 58" wide and it worked good.  I had a small bit leftover. The fabric is one I picked up from The Fabric Fairy  in February.  Miss K calls it her "Hawaii" fabric.  Really it is called "Hawaiian Honeycomb Cotton Knit Fabric by Fresh Produce."  It is a great knit in my opinion.  Medium weight 100% cotton jersey. $7.99
Lining I purchased from  It is a Stretch Lining Jersey Knit White.  96% polyester and 4% Lycra.  It reminds me of swimsuit lining or something you would make a slip from.  I like how soft it is! Sadly I don't see it on their site anymore.  I picked it up for $4.98 a yard.

(topstitching on front of dress on neckline and armholes)

(full lining)

Total for dress besides thread: $12.97.

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. Cute dress and from the fabrics it seems like it'll be very comfortable :)

    1. Thanks Jeifner! I really do like this knit. Some knits can be too stretchy or too see through; this one is just right :D I wish I had enough to make me a nice sundress!


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