Friday, March 2, 2012

Freezer Paper Stencils!

So my son Mr. T is obsessed with squirrels lately.  I don' t understand why, probably something at school with his friends.  Anyway, he wanted a squirrel shirt so bad but I wasn't about to search for one or buy one.  We set out to discover the magic of Freezer Paper Stencils!  Super easy process.
1. find a stencil design
2. cut out a sheet of freezer paper the size of a normal piece of paper.
3. put the freezer paper in your printer (yes your printer!) paper side to the printing side (mine is up)
4. print and cut out stencil
5. iron on to a t-shirt so the freezer paper sticks
6. paint in the open stencil areas
7. when starts to dry, peel off freezer paper. It comes off like magic! so easy.
8. let paint dry completely.

Wah-la! done!  Mr. T was so happy!
The kids are addicted now.  We are moving on to doing "The Regular Show" Mordecai and Rigby shirts next!

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