Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Black Apple Doll"

So as I await anxiously for my new serger to arrive this next week, I found some other cool projects to try.  Every night I surf the crafting websites for cool things to try.  My daughter is always next to me (bad habit, I know) and she is always peering over my leg, sneaking looks.  Last night I stumbled across these cool "Black Apple Dolls" and she was hooked from the get go.  She wanted one so bad and I figured it was easily doable.  This morning we grabbed some scraps and set to work.  About an hour and a half later we had her done!  Miss K does all the stuffing for me.  The hardest part of this was the tiny legs and arms (I suck at turning things that small inside out!). 
Miss K loves her new doll!

If you want the easy tutorial for this fun project you can find it here:

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