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Ottobre Tunic and Burda Nightgown

Ottobre 05/2013 #1B Autumn Mood Tunic


I’ve made this pattern a few times before as a tee:
Teal Color Block                  Light rayon                   Color Blocked                color blocked zig-zag

And once before as a tunic: Geometric Sweater Knit Tunic


Size: I have been doing a lot of flat pattern measuring lately.  It does not guarantee fit, but does get really close. I took my measurements as front bust, back bust; front waist, back waist, and so on.  Then I measure on each pattern piece.  I went with a size 42 for the whole pattern due to this, and then did my alterations from there.  My current measurements put me in a 42 for shoulders/44 bust, 42 waist/46 hip

  • added 1.5” to sleeve width and 5.25” to sleeve length to get a full sleeve instead of 3/4 sleeve
  • 1/2” square shoulder
  • made neckline less open by adding 1.5” to inside part of shoulder pieces (basically redrafted the neck curve)
  • took off 1” from back bust
  • added 5” to back hip
  • At this point I sewed the tunic except hems and found I still had to bring in the waist 6” total

Instructions: Good.  They are short and too the point, but describe enough that you can sew with no issues.

Fabric: 1.5 yards of Classic Blue, Cotton/Poly/Spandex Knit (55% Cotton, 35% Poly, 10% Spandex). I purchased this for $6 total from FabricMart in December 2015.  This turned out to be a lovely weight knit.  Nice and medium weight, no trace of being sheer.  I hope it washes and wears well.


Thoughts:  I like this tunic quite a bit.  I wore it out today.  I do wish I would not have added the pockets.  I feel they are in a weird high spot on me.  In the future I would probably add side seam pockets instead of these patch pockets.  My hands keep trying to go into the side seam, searching for a pocket! I love the mod vibe the tunic gives though.

Burdastyle 12/2008 #114 ~ Nightgown


Size:    size 42, but I graded out the back hip to a size 46 to accommodate my larger rear. 

  • After sewing this up I had to take off a total of 8 inches from bust to waist. 
  • The neckline was a bit low before adding binding so I did not take off any seam allowance there, only sewing on the edge of the binding.
  • The neckline piece was 5 inches too long. 
  • My fabric was so loose and drapey that the pleats do not want to stay; however the pattern calls for loose and drapey fabric. 
  • I did not feel like hemming the bottom of the nightgown so I just cut off the 1.5” hem allowance.  The length is perfect. 

Instructions:  These were actually easy to follow.  I had no issues.  They were short and to the point, but this is usual for Burda. 


Fabric: 1.5 yards of Black and white rayon striped knit from Hancocks.  Purchased April 30th, 2015 for $5.80 total.  This fabric was very lightweight and a little slipperier than most rayon jerseys I have sewn with. It is soft though so perfect for sleepwear.

Here is a close up of the pleats at the front necklinestripe 2

Thoughts:  This pattern is large, you may want to size down.  It works for a nightgown but I probably will not make it again.  I was considering the top version of this pattern but not anymore!  I just do not like how the pleats act in this kind of fabric. 


  1. Wow, the nightgown turned out really nice. It sounds like it took a lot to get it there, but it is beautiful. I really like the tunic too, but I can see where the pockets are a little high to be comfortably functional, but they still look pleasing to the eye. Most times I forget to investigate the pocket placement and accept the pattern location as spot on.

    1. Thank you Shirley! I never thought to "test" out the pocket placement before sewing, lol. I just go with what the pattern says too!

  2. I really do like the tunic very much. I would like one just the same! Personally I think the nightgown is good enough to be worn as a dress, going by the photos xx

    1. Thank you Philippa! It reminds me of your Coco you made :)
      I've been wearing the nightgown quite a bit and it is very nice, soft, and prettier than plain old t-shirts


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