Saturday, January 23, 2016

February Sewing Plans

BurdaStyle 11/2006 #116A
Long Sleeve Wrap Top                         Red lightweight Terry Fabric in Stash
112006116b 506-ruby2tone1

Burdastyle 12/2008 #114
Nightgown                                           Black and White Rayon Jersey in Stash
finished and blogged
122008114                            rayon jersey

Ottobre 05/2013 #1A
Tunic                                                  Navy Blue Cotton/Polyester/Spandex Knit in Stash
finished and blogged
ottobre 052013 1 tunic                                5196-d1-150

Ottobre 05/2011 #13
Cardigan                               Dark Blue Boucle Sweater Knit in Stash.
052011 13 otto                   171744_847236e4-d37a-493c-bebd-11f0675c4784

Jalie Eleonore
Jeans                                                  Midnight Indigo Stretch Denim 9 oz. in Stash
3461_cover_1            Small_CV-969

Ginger Jeans
                                                                Stretch Medium Weight Dark Denim 7.4 oz in Stash
Ginger-skinny-jeans-pattern-promo  Large_0421660


  1. Oh you have such fun plans! And your cozy sweater makes me want in! :)

    1. Thanks Nakisha! Now I just have to stick to the plan :)

  2. Oh my, that is some seriously lovely sewing.
    I crazy love my Gingers, just make sure your denim has enough stretch for you to squat in them. My white ones are like yoga pants to wear.
    Happy sewing!
    xx Nicole

    1. Thanks Nicole :) I'll double check my stretch before sewing, lol. I squat in all my jeans after I first put them on hahaha

  3. What a great plan! I can't wait to see your jeans. I have another pair of jeans on my list. I want to make the Jaime jeans (Named Clothing) again. I had great results but they were short lived when I put on weight. lol I loved the fit though.

    1. Thanks Shirley! You can't make another pair of awesome jeans though, I need to make mine first! lol.


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