Thursday, February 20, 2014

Color-blocked Top, Ottobre Hack 05/2013 #1

Pattern Hack of Ottobre 05/2013 #1A

I made this color blocked top before with blue and gray. The problem is that the blue knit is light and rayon.  It pills like crazy.  I wanted to make another one because I love to wear that one and I'm sure it's going to bite the dust soon.

This is technically the 4th time I've used this pattern - I think it's safe to say I love it. Sizing is 40 bust/waist and 44 hip.
Light rayon
Color Blocked
and now this one

I did make some changes to the pattern to get a better fit.

  • too tight sleeves: Using the palmer/pletsch method I sliced and split the sleeves to add 1/2" more width. They are comfortable now but I honestly would love another 1/4" to 1/2" more
  • Hip: Added 1/2" to each side in back only to accommodate my larger rear
  • Shoulder: added 1/2" to shoulder width on both sides. I noticed in my blue one that the shoulders did not reach the end of my shoulder pivot bone. The adjustment helped and the shoulders now sit correctly
  • Swayback: 1/2" this time in addition to the 1/2" previously but looking at the side picture I think I may need to go even more. Sigh. I feel like I have the biggest sway ever. 

I kept these changes: 

  • 1/2" square shoulder adjustment
  • 1/2" sloped out of front and back from neck tapering to 0 at hip. This helps with the neck gaping I keep getting.  (I'm thinking I may have to start cutting a smaller size at shoulders and neck)

I really, really love this pattern. I have a red one planned too: solid, not color blocked, and short sleeves.
This was just the top I needed to get me back in the sewing groove.  The fabric is lovely - thick but not too thick - thin enough but not too thin.  Just right.  It is the Laguna knits from Kaufmann.  I just hope they wash well.  (Sorry, this is not stash fabric. I bought this in Jan. specifically for this top).

In the future:

  • re address that darn swayback
  • add a bit more to the sleeve width
  • take a bit in on the front piece only - it is a bit loose
  • possibly work on a forward shoulder adjustment

Yards out in 2014 to date: 31
Yards in: 32.5
Stash used: 10.5 yards

I sewed K's American Girl Doll a cute dress with some of the scraps too. The black is the bottom of an old T-shirt so I cheated and used that hem! lol.  This is one full skirt! Pattern Simplicity 4654

K attached the snaps using my new Prym pliers. Holy cow do they make a difference. I have the snap setter and dritz pliers but neither worked well and my hands couldn't take the abuse. These Prym ones are so freaking amazing!! They line up perfect each time. They hold the snaps well when applying, and they look amazing.  I picked them up at for cheap compared to the other places selling them. $33 for the set and it comes with all the adapters and snaps. you can use it for anorak/coat button snaps, camping snaps, and eyelets too. That is not an affiliate link, I just love these pliers.

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. I love the color-blocked top! So cute! I want to try color-blocking soon.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth :) It's easy and I love the results

  2. Love the top! I like the color combination. I need to try this!

  3. Hello! Lovely to see you're back on the sewing after your 'break' lol. Great top x

  4. Very cute! I love it that you made a doll dress to match! I've never ordered from Wawak, but am considering it because it's one of the few places I've been able to find 4" jeans zippers. Do they ship very quickly?

    1. They do ship quickly Gail. I love shopping with them. Their zippers are great and they have good sales on Gutterman thread. I just bought some interfacing from them too. They have a map as to which zone you are in - for me in WI it takes about 3-4 days shipping - but usually I get it in 3. And thanks!

  5. I love this version too! I've been stitching AG clothes (actually OG - "Our Generation") from scraps lately. Color-blocking and doll clothes - great for using scraps!

    1. Thanks Joy! It is the pattern that keeps giving :)
      We have OG dolls in our house too, only 1 AG (from grandma). Honestly K can't tell the difference. It must be the time of year to sew them some clothes (cabin fever?). I love using up scraps on them and K loves seeing the dolls in the same fabrics as her clothes :D

  6. I am so in love with this top! To the point where I want to go buy a similar knit and make myself one. If I do, I'll give you full credit. It's just a really great looking top and the proportions of the color-blocking are perfect!

    1. Hahaha. Copy away. I'd love to see your version! I love this one, too


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