Thursday, October 3, 2013

L/S Top, Leggings, and Nightgown for K ~ all Ottobre

I managed to pop out a few things for Miss K while I was not feeling well this last week.
Since the weather is turning she is in need of longer leggings.

I went with Ottobre 04/2013 #30  and made 2 pairs in size 146

I don't even know what this Pink Knit is made of but it reminds me of runner's pants.  I have no clue what they are made of but they have minimal stretch.  K loves them.  The material sewed up wonderfully even when I thought it would fight me.  They are really quite long as seen in the above pics.

For the second pair (the bottom blue) I folded out 2 inches to make them shorter. These are out of a very soft and stretchy pointelle knit.  Too soft and stretchy.  K wore them to school this week and when I picked her up they were very baggy and drooped around her ankles.  Cute fabric, Cute pattern: bad together. Sad because I really loved the blue knit and was saving it for cute leggings.

I also made Ottobre 04/2012 #28 "Fancy Mix" Long sleeve T-shirt in size 146.  This was also huge on her.  Maybe she shrunk on me? Lol.  I usually make her the 146 and they fit fine.  Anyway, the fabric again was my enemy.  The cute floral print is slinky but really soft.  It is not good quality.  I picked it up on the remnant table at Mill End Textiles for $3.95 - also the pink rib knit I picked up for the same at the same place.  It is not a good rib knit either.  It stretches all out of shape and doesn't want to sew well.

I put twill tape in the shoulder seams.  Used elastic to gather as the instructions stated.  I made the bottom parts of the sleeves cuffs instead of hemming them.  Thankfully I had my order of WonderTape arrive and could use it on the bottom hem or that would have been wonky as heck.

I really love this cute pattern but it is

  1. too big
  2. wrong fabrics - I need something more stable and less slinky
I will attempt it again sometime soon.  

Finally, I also used some flannel I had sitting out and ready with Ottobre 03/2012 #34
I originally wanted to use a Simplicity pattern but didn't have the yardage. Now this Ottobre pattern is for knits but I knew it had a lot of give in it so I went for it with the woven.  I eliminated the pleats and just used the elastic for the neck to have it all gathered.  I omitted the sleeve elastic because K feels "trapped" in it. 
I love this pattern as evidenced by the 4 times I've now used it! 
  1. Yellow Summer Dress
  2. Pink Thermal Nightgown
  3. Pink and Black Stripe Dress
  4. and now Pink Flannel Nightgown

terrible lighting and you can see what the cable guy did to our outlet.... we have plaster walls

Sometimes my productivity surprises me ;-) even if my attempts are not completely successful. 

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. I am truly amazed by your productivity. It takes me ages to make anything - what's your secret?! Especially as you have to trace Ottobre first. Your daughter looks very cute in her new clothes - that top is an especially nice style. I expect she will soon grow in to it!

    1. Thanks :D I think kids clothes are much faster and tend to fit them better because they are little rectangles. We have curves and it is harder to fit us. I also think I go faster on kids clothes because they outgrow them so fast. For me, I want the sewn item to last forever so I go slower, lol. I do enjoy the tracing part. I'm also not working at the moment - finishing up my masters first. And thanks! I do really like that style of shirt so I'll try another to hold her until she fits this one.

  2. I'll be making the last dress for one of my girls once the fabric comes in the mail; another mustache fabric! I'm so glad about you posting leaving out the arm elastic. My daughter is the same about confining feeling clothing, so I will leave it out too. It's frustrating with the fabric doesn't comply, but then I just think...there's my muslin! LOL I love the pink leggings. Your topstitching looks fabulous. Did you do that with a coverstitch or a double needle? So, when you do that, is it difficult keeping the elastic free of the stitching or do you stitch that thru as well? I haven't done that yet so I am curious so I don't have any problems when I do. I really need to make leggings. Having 2 girls, we never have enough.

    1. Shirley Ann, I'm excited to see you make that dress. It is such a pretty one.

      I am not lucky enough to own a cover stitch machine but it is on my list to santa ;-)
      I use a twin stretch needle and it seems to do just fine. I like to use wondertape to hold the knit in place but for these I didn't and they turned out good. Also, K is known to pop seams because she is rough on her clothes so this time I stretched the fabric a small bit when I sewed the hems.

      With the elastic, I was tired of it turning around in things so I started sewing it down. I sew it into a round loop and mark it into 4ths. I also mark the fabric in to 4ths and pin them at those points together. Then I sew with a zigzag pulling the elastic to flat with the under fabric. After this I flip the elastic over (with the fabric attached) and it forms it's own casing. I use my double needle or single straight to sew the 1" from the top and stretch as I go.

      I really have found I like this way much better :D

      And thanks so much!!!


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