Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Resolution Totals September 2013

Is it really October already? The year is almost over!  That sure went by fast. 
Things have been pretty busy on the home front the last 2 weeks.  I had finals for school, offered to watch a 9 mo. old for a few days, had a sick child, doctor's appointments, my sickness, etc.  I feel so stressed when I can't sew.  I did get a few minor things sewn over this last week and also totally re-arranged my sewing room.  That made me feel  a bit better. Now I can see all my fabrics and I'm ready to tackle some fall sewing in October.  But lets look at a recap of September's bleak numbers. 

In keeping up with my sewing resolutions for this year I plan on doing a tally-type thing on the first of each month regarding the prior month to keep me on track for the year!

September 2013

Items Completed: 10
Resolution: 3

Unfinished projects completed: 0
Resolution: 1-2

New items in the Etsy shop: 7
Resolution: 2

Avg Blog Posts Weekly: 2
Resolution: 1

Tutorials created: 0
Resolution: more

September was a great month for me sewing.  I made myself 5 things!  I plan on keeping that up.  

What I need to work on:  UFO's. and tutorials. 

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. Wow... you really accomplished alot in Sept.. Happy October sewing.

    1. Thanks! I sometimes feel like I didn't do enough but then looking back... I'm reminded how much I did actually do! :D

  2. Wow! I am seriously impressed, especially as you have so much else going on. Good for you!

    1. Thanks much Philippa! It always seems more goes on than I want too. LOL

  3. Keeping a tally of what you sew really is a great way to feel better about how much you sew! I always feel the same way: "I didn't get anything done" to ”Oh, I did sew a lot of things after all."
    Maybe I should tally up the load of laundry I do?

    1. Thanks Joy! It does make me feel better when I look back each month. I get to the end and I think I haven't done anything productive until I do this tally. :) It makes it so much sweeter! I really like your RTW vs. handmade pie chart though. I'm only at 20% handmade so far.

      I think tallying the laundry would be shocking! lol. I can' t imagine how many loads you do - we have about 6 per week with us 4.


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