Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thrifty to Nifty in 20 minutes! ~ Upcycle

I hope the cold/flu/bug/illness thingy has avoided you and yours. It sure is hitting us pretty hard. I've been sick since Thanksgiving and Miss K is on round two of it. Mr. T had it a few days and now even the puppy is sick.

When Miss K gets ill she turns into more of a diva than normal. We found this really crazy pillow case at Goodwill last week ~ she had to have, wouldn't walk away ~ and I didn't know what I was going to do with it. It is faded and super long for a pillow.  I think it's even long for a king sized pillow.  Nonetheless it was 99 cents so I let her get it.

Tonight, 30 minutes ago, Miss K decided she needed something done with it, immediately. Sigh.  I'm running on really low sleep and I just didn't feel like arguing.  I told her I'd make her a cute little sleep dress out of it.

It took me 20 minutes and I like how it turned out!

First I measured how long I wanted it on Miss K.  I kept the open, hemmed part of the pillowcase to the floor so I wouldn't have to do any hemming on it. I added an inch to the length and then cut the rest off.

Next I took the top of it (at the chest) and flipped it down 1/2 inch and again, making a casing for the elastic.  I measured 1/2 inch elastic around Miss K's chest and subtracted 1 inch, I wanted it a bit snug. Sewed around and left a hole for the elastic to thread through. 

Next I cut up some of the leftover for the straps.  I folded the two outer dark pinks into the center, ironed, then folded one side on top of the other; topstitched down both sides and wa-lah.  I measured them on Miss K to know how long I needed them and cut off the remainder.

To attach the straps I flipped 1/4 inch up on one end and then again.  I put that little square on the inside of the chest of the main part.  To figure out where to place them I found the halfway point of the chest; and placed the straps 1/4 of the way between both sides.  Worked great!

Like I said, Miss K is sick so pictures were fun to take!

puppy had to join in! 

Originally I was in the sewing room to work on my super awesome skirt I need to finish, but is taking forever.  I drafted the pattern up from my exact measurements (more to come on how to do this yourself).  I made 2 different muslin's and added darts. I have been trying to perfect this stinker before cutting the fabric. It is an A line with a side zipper and facing on the waist - fitted, no elastic.  Here is my work in progress shot :D

What projects are you working on?

 ~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. How cute is that little sleep dress! I love it. And for 99 cents? Awesome.

    1. Thanks Rachel! It was so fun (and awesome!) :D

      My daughter loves goodwill "hunting" (and at 6 years old she is a better spotter already than I am!)


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