Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Sewing for the Boy ~ Simplicity, Burda, Ottobre, Jalie

I don’t sew much for Mr. T anymore.  He’s a 15 year old boy so he is pretty picky on things.  He specifically wants things that are plain.  No graphics, no color changes, no fun… 
He wears hoodies every day to school.  So I thought I would make him a few.
First up: Burda 6718


Size: 36 which fits his measurements exactly.  However, it ended up short.  like 2-3 inches short.  Sadness.

It doesn’t look too short here, but it really is with jeans on. He wears it and likes it but I cringe every time!  I'll have to remake it only longer.


Fabric: Midnight Green Cotton Slub Jersey Knit.  I purchased it from Fabric Mart.  It said 4 way stretch but it barely stretches 2 way.  anyway. 2 yards $4/yard so $8 total for the hoodie. 

2nd hoodie: Jalie 3355
I never knew this pattern was unisex.  There are only girls on the front cover.  Then one day I read in a facebook post and looked on the website and sure enough, unisex!!  How perfect because I love this pattern for me and Miss K. 


Size: straight size U.  This is a couple sizes above his measurements.  I know he likes a men’s medium and I wear a men’s medium; I use size U for this hoodie so that’s what I used.  I’ve been using shoestrings for the hoodie string.  It works out great.


Fabric: 2 yards Dark Pewter Rayon French Terry Knit from Fabric Mart.  Purchased in May 2017 for $6/yard.  total for this hoodie $12.  This fabric is so so soft. but heavy because of the rayon. Mr. T LOVES this hoodie.  He wears it every chance he gets. 

Thoughts: I feel like the hem band is way too tight.  I remember I added inches to it for myself and K but forgot for T’s.  I need to add 1-2 inches next time to the width of the hem band. 

Pajamas. This is where I can have a little more creativity with Mr. T.
Ottobre 06/2011 # 37 Pajama shorts
I’ve made Mr. T these pajamas countless times.  He loves them but keeps outgrowing them!


This time I made size 170.  This is the highest size Ottobre offers so when T outgrows these he won’t be getting more! 

Fabric: 1.5 yards of this fun pinstripe suiting.  I got it in a scrap box from Fabric Mart June 2015.  It was only $0.83 for the whole bit.  The selvage said “Lana, Storia, 180’s Qualita Moderno” Quite honestly I didn’t know what I would use it for and them BAM!  it became perfect for this project. 


I recently got an embroidery machine and digitized this Overwatch design for Mr. T onto them.  This symbol is for one of his favorite characters in Overwatch.  Sombra I think?  He loves these, I love these.  they wash well and wear well.  Next time I’ll remember to widen the waistband and use 1.5” elastic instead of 3/4”

Simplicity 1021 Pajama Shorts
I thought it would be fun to try this pattern.  It has pockets, it looks cool. 

Size: Small.  I took 1” off the rise because it looked crazy high.  They turned out cute, but short.  Like boxers.  What sucks is that the pattern doesn't list yardage for just the bottoms.  They list it for the total top and bottoms.

Mr. T likes them.  I added a Lobster design and T’s monogram to the leg.  Mr. T really likes these.  I think I’ll make the pants version for him.


Fabric: 2 yards (though I didn't use all of it) Navy Lobster in Cotton Lawn.  I got this back in Feb 2015 from Hancocks on sale for $2.64/yard.  so total for these $5.28

Happy Sewing!


  1. He's such a handsome boy!! I love the monogrammed pj shorts! His hoodies look great.

    1. Aw. thank you! I try to hug him as much as I can now... He's starting to resist it. hahaha

  2. The hoodies are great! Glad that you found something to sew for your son. I've pretty much stopped sewing for my kids...they are way too picky these days.;)

    1. Thanks Cindy! They really get very picky about the age our kids are at. I have to pre-verify a few times if they want something. "this fabric?" "like this?" " This pattern?" LOL I don't want to waste my time or fabric!

  3. I keep forgetting about this Jalie pattern! I need to get this...hmmm maybe a Christmas present for myself! I love how you embroider things. I'm definitely going to have to make my Logan some embroidered pj shorts!

    1. It's funny how it is one of my most sewn Jalie patterns. ;-) I hope you do get it soon! Logan would love some Pjs like this


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