Thursday, October 1, 2015

September Recap 2015

This was a much slower month for me on the sewing front.  I took a break at the beginning, not wanting to burn myself out before the Fabricista Fashion Challenge started.  Plus, I’ve been so focused on the challenge that I haven’t blogged about much else!   Here is a quick recap of the 3 things I made this month.  (I have 6 other makes that are still unblogged)

3 items, 10.5 yards of fabric. Total fabric cost $23.72 (I didn’t count the price of the skirt to remake to dress because I counted it already when I made the original skirt)   
How did I do for September with my resolutions?
1 new pattern: yes, 2
1 new Burda/Otto pattern for me: sadly not this month
1 fabric stash used: 3 yards
1 me make each month in 2015: yes, 2!

Actual Sewing Time spent on these September makes: 10.5 hours


  1. A slower month maybe, but hugely successful! Congratulations on the competition so far--you have done awesome!

    1. Whew. I feel like I've been so busy with the challenge; now that it is almost done I feel like I can get back on track making my fall sewing list. Maybe I can even get my backlog of stuff up on the blog, lol. Thanks for being a great friend Shirley! You have really helped me get through these crazy weeks! :D

  2. Each of your items are very pretty!


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