Friday, August 29, 2014

Would you like some Ice Cream?

Back in Summer 2012 I made Miss K two dresses that we both fell in love with.  They got a lot of wear and she finally outgrew them the beginning of this summer. Dress 1, Dress 2
Make more you say? Well I'd love too, but I had cut the pattern in size 7 and didn't want to deal with grading it up.  (I'm way too lazy for that business!).

I broke down and re-bought the pattern just so I could make K more, because she has been begging me.

Welcome back Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress - you will get tons of wear so be prepared!
Oh, and why stop at one when you can have 3!

Now there are some pros and cons to assembly line sewing.
Pros are the obvious:
you do 1 step 3 times so no stopping to re-read as much
you have 3 finished items at the end in less time
you do 1 step 3 times, lol even if you don't like that step much
from start to finished item seems to take much longer as you have to do everything many times
front shirt
 back shirt 
cute little purple vintage button

I threw out my back almost 2 weeks ago now (just after I made my thurlows) and couldn't walk for like 4 days. at. all. It was misery and painful.  After finally dragging myself in to the doctor, they let me know I also have a kidney stone. Thanks.  I've been taking it easy  pushing it more than I should, but I move slowly right now.  So I broke these up into a few steps.
Day 1: trace, pre-wash, cut fabric
Day 2: sew all 3 yokes
Day 3: sew pocket to front, middle panels, and yokes to middles
Day 4: sew bottoms and hem (then beg child to take pictures-bribing with anything necessary)
look at that pocket matching!

It worked out well. I could sew about 1/2 to an hour and then had to break before coming back to it again each day too.  I thought I'd never have them done in time for school (which is creeping up Tuesday!).



Size: 12 in width, 10 in height - K is 8 yrs old and a 10/12ish in RTW

Top/Shirt: $16.34
                    1 yard Acacia Raccoon Bluebell from in March 2014 for $9.20
                    1/2 yard Acacia Pixel Dot Teal from in March 2014 for $4.60
                    1/2 yard Cotton Voile Turquoise (lining) from in June 2012 for $2.54
Blue Dress w/o pockets - rounded neck: $25.00
                    1/2 yard Picnic Pals Organic Small Floral Lavender from in Oct 2012 for $4.99
                    1 yard Picnic Pals Organic Animals Blue from in Oct 2012 for $9.98
                    3/4 yard Picnic Pals Organic Polka Dot Blue from in Oct 2012 for $7.49
                    1/2 yard Cotton Voile Turquoise (lining) from purchased for $2.54
Pink Dress with pockets: $13.06
                    3/4 yard Pink Linen from Hancock's in 2013 on clearance for $1.60
                    1 yard Wee Wander Summer Ride Seafoam from in Feb 2014 for $9.46
                    3/4 yard White handkerchief cotton (lining) from Hancocks I don't know when but I'll guess $2

"Mom, I can't find the pockets?"

6 fabrics were stash and some from 2012! It was bittersweet using these up, lol.

I had forgotten how much work sewing these really is.  The lining is separate for the yoke and bottom panel.  It is sort of a pain to have to sew it up.  In the future I'd opt for a full lining instead of a segmented one because I think it would save tons of time!

I love the simple style of these dresses and now shirt.  Apart from all the flipping and sewing and whatnot, the instructions are extremely well written.  I enjoy the many illustrations that help you out along the way.  The pieces all match up too.  I'm sure these will be in Miss K's rotation quite heavily.

I also have a top done and a partially finished dress but those are for another day. I always take inventory of what is needed for back to school but then it seems to fly up on me and Boom! "Mom, I have none of X to wear!"  sigh. I still need to work on leggings and probably bottoms for K, T is good - for now.  And Mom really wants some me-sewing-time!

August Totals:
(stash is anything purchased before this year)
Stash used: 5.5 yards
Fabric Out: 13 yards  
Fabric In: 13.25 yards

Totals for the year to date:
Stash sew this year: 40.5 yards
Fabric out in 2014: 140.25 yards
Fabric in 2014: 154.5 yards

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. Adorable.. Look so cute on K.
    I love when you get a pattern , that is so loved, you buy it again..Happy sewing.

  2. So cute (especailly matching horses!). I can see even on your blog pictures your daughter looks taller!

    1. Thanks Philippa! That girl is growing like a weed! She is a full inch taller than her brother at this age. We have a measuring wall in our hallway and each June we measure the kids - I kid you not, she grew another stinking inch between June and July!

  3. cute, cute, and cute! great pattern too.

  4. Oh my, I hate to hear you threw your back out! Isn't it funny that no matter how bad we are suffering, we will crawl to our sewing machines if we have to. I almost have withdrawals if I don't atleast look at a pattern. I start getting grumpy if I am not alloted time to sew at some point during the week. You did an amazing job matching up the pocket to the fabric print. Cute dresses! We started school this past Monday. Funny how sleeping in over the summer is nice but nothing can compare to that feeling of sleeping in the first Saturday after having gotten up early for school all week long! Today you could tell that we all just really enjoyed our Saturday together after having to be apart all week for school.

    1. Oh, and I also wanted to say how I like how you photographed the dresses on the clothes line. I have clothes lines too, but ours are indoors in our basement since we don't have a yard. I do like to look at the volume of clothes on the line, stepping back to see how much was made by me. :) It is neat to see them displayed that way.

    2. Aw thank you Shirley! The last 3 weeks have been pretty rough with the back, the allergies, a cold, and now my chronic health crap is acting up. Ugh! I can't wait to get past it. I did get a big bit of good news from the doc this last week though so that was a huge relief! (a biopsy came back normal....whew - it wasn't last year and was very painful to remedy) I know you have been through the ringer and back with that kind of stuff :( So sorry. I do get drawn to that machine even when I'm too dizzy to see! It is comforting to be in there with the hum of the machine, plus it keeps my mind busy. Oh, and I just had that beautiful Saturday, K got up really early and I shooed her off to the living room and went back to sleep! LOL.

    3. I love a clothes line too! I love seeing the clothes waving in the wind and hanging them up. It is very peaceful and reminds me of a simpler time. I look back and see what I've made too!!! hahaha. If our basement wasn't so ick I'd hang one down there too. My allergies can't really tolerate the line :( I just do hubs and towels out there usually.

  5. The Ice Cream Dresses and Tops are so pretty! I love the pink and Wee Wander print dress the best.:) And your pattern matching on the pockets is perfect! She looks very pleased with her new clothes. Did she have a good first week back?

    I hope you are feeling better, Kristin!

    1. That one is my favorite too! I just love the colors together. :) Thanks about the pocket, don't tell anyone but I lowered them to make them match perfectly hahahahaha. Oh well. She did enjoy her first week back. She loves being home with mom but really likes the structure school provides - and the friends. Mom had a hard week though - I miss them!

  6. Oh, man, I hope you're feeling better now! (I realize this is a couple of week late.)

    The dresses are sweet and I especially like the top.

    1. I'm managing now so that's better than bedridden :)

      Thanks Joy, I love that top too!


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