Monday, December 2, 2013

Resolution Totals November 2013

My November 2013 makes

In keeping up with my sewing resolutions for this year I plan on doing a tally-type thing on the first of each month regarding the prior month to keep me on track for the year!

November 2013

Items Completed: 5
Resolution: 3

Unfinished projects completed: 0
Resolution: 1-2

New items in the Etsy shop: 23
Resolution: 2

Avg Blog Posts Weekly: 1
Resolution: 1

Tutorials created: 0
Resolution: more

Woah. I hit a bit of a roadblock in November.  I sewed only 5 things; half as much as I have been lately. I do love the three tops I sewed though.  And we will say that holidays, illnesses, and massive schoolwork have contributed to the decline this month. 

I've also been discouraged by poor fabric and poor fit.  I need a source with a balance of affordable but quality knits.  I have tons of patterns marked to go, just no suitable fabric and self-doubt in my abilities. 

December is the last month of my resolution totals for this year.  I need to step it up and finish with a bang!

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. If I made as much as you, I'd be giving myself a pat on the back! I know what you mean about knits though. I have to do most of my fabric shopping online and it's impossible to know what quality the knit is before it arrives. They vary a lot. I find cheap knit very difficult to sew - and I usually don't want to wear the finished garment either!

    1. Thanks Philippa. Those darn knits. I do almost all my shopping online too - not much for selection in my rural area. The variance is crazy! Why can't they just tell me online - this is see through and thin - or this is thicker and wonderful! lol

  2. This is really great to see it all on one page! Very productive. I feel compelled to make something once a week unless it's really involved. Sometimes I try to give myself a break but then I start having withdrawals! Lol

    1. Thanks Shirley Ann, I'm the same, I feel like I need to make at least something once a week or I get the itch really bad! lol.


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