Monday, December 30, 2013

Year End Resolution Totals

December turned out pretty poor with only 3 makes.  I was stressed to the max with school finals, holiday fanfare, and then I slipped on the concrete steps and landed square on my forearm on Dec 20th.  While I didn't break anything (thankfully), it is still sore - even now.  My forearm is almost back to a human coloring but my shoulder is bugging me.  I'll be back at my sewing soon as the kids head back to school Thursday.  My machines have been calling to me :-)

Here are the grand totals from my 2013 resolution calculations:

Total completed items: 105.  June was my most productive month with 14, July next with 13.  My slowest month was December with 3, followed by November with 5.  (Holidays really stress me out and my migraines hit harder - it shows in the numbers).

Average blog posts weekly: 2.25.

I'm pretty happy with my results as on average I made 2 things a week this year.

In 2014 I'm going to focus more on myself and also on sewing with quality materials. We are at about 25% handmade clothing vs. RTW for the three of us, Me, Miss K, and Mr. T (Mr. Sunny doesn't count because I don't really sew for him); I'd like to increase this to 50% this next year.

I'll do a roundup of my favorite 2013 garments in the next day or two.

Happy Holidays and ~ Happy Sewing! ~

~Kristin ~

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  1. You definitely got a lot stitched this year! (and you blogged a ton, too, something I really fell behind on.)

    Hope your arm is feeling better!


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