Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cute Coin Purses or Holiday Gift Card Holders~ Tutorial ~ Scrap Buster!

Coin Purse or Gift Card Holder Tutorial

Step 1:
Cut out 2 pieces of fabric and 1 piece of fleece to the dimensions below
(Fleece will be inside fabrics and will not show on finished coin purse)

Step 2:
Place pieces in order of:  1. fabric with right side up. 2. fabric with right side down. 3. fleece on top and centered. Pin together. 

 Step 3: Sew around all fabrics with 1/2 inch seam allowance and leaving a 2 inch opening on the side as shown below.  Clip seams to 1/8 inch and clip corners.

Step 4: Turn inside out from hole in side so that fleece is in the inside and both right sides of fabric are now showing.  Push out all corners (*Hint* I use a bic clicker pencil, with no lead out, to easily push out the small corners).

  Be careful to fold the "hole" together correctly and press entire piece.

 Step 5: Fold like an envelope bringing bottom to the middle and top flap over.  This will show you where you need to place the button on the piece below the flap.  For me it was about 2 inches above the bottom as shown in 3rd picture.

 Mark spot for button and attach it to the piece.  (*Hint* I like to put a toothpick under the button so there is some "give" to the button and is easier for little hands to use within the button hole)

Step 6: After sewing on the button re-fold the envelope and begin to top stitch around all layers of the outside.
(Ignore that there is no button on the bottom here. Oops, forgot to attach first on this one!)

WHEN YOU RETURN TO THE START POINT PIVOT THE NEEDLE TO SEW ACROSS THE TOP FLAP ONLY *** DO NOT SEW ACROSS THE OPENING FOR THE PURSE! *** Follow the green line as shown below.  I used the edge of my sewing foot as a guide along the top opening of the purse to sew across here.

Step 7: Add button hole to top flap. 

And you are done! Here is the inside:

And here are your pouches!

Fabric used:

Boys Will Be Boys Boys Toss Blue                 Kaufman 21 Wale Cool Cords Owls Harvest Natural 
Boys will be Boys                      Kaufman Owls Corduroy

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~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

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  1. Hi! thanks for this cute little tutorial might have to whip up some of these for christmas


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