Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Owls! I love owls!! - Archive post 1/18/12

I have a nasty habit of getting sucked into blog surfing in the middle of the night. After I get my five-year old off to sleep and my nine-year old tucked in I sit in bed on my laptop and become absorbed into different blogs. I get lost in the most amazing places and I find lots of fun things to do and try. My husband keeps telling me I have "too many irons in the fire." LOL. Well on one of my late night rampages I found this adorable blog with these insanely cute owls to make!!! I am a HUGE fan of cute little owls so I thought I would try them out.
I picked up the fabric and came home to complete it. Well I then got sidetracked for about a week and eventually came back to it. I printed out the pattern and got to work. It actually wasn't too hard to do! I enlisted the help of my five-year old to stuff the owl; it is now her pet. She hijacked it! She has named it after her best friend and takes the thing everywhere!!! I think it is the cutest owl ever.
Thanks to Hammer and Thread for the super cute tutorial and pictures. If you want to do an owl of your own head over to Hammer and Thread for the info.
And here is Serena the Owl!

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