Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Last Sewings of 2015

Here are the last things I’ve sewn in 2015.  I made them all in the last week and hoped I could get pictures before the new year! 

Pattern: I just couldn’t stay away from the Patterns for Pirates patterns.  I wanted to try the Henley.  It is a bit more fitted than the Raglan so I went with my actual measurements.  I cut and sewed a size L in the bust/waist and XL in the hips.  I sewed the placket neck, long sleeves hemmed, and curved hemline.  Of course this pattern has a ton of different options to sew, like all P4P patterns. 


Instructions and Sewing: The instructions are great but I was just slightly confused with one step of the placket.  You know how I struggle with those plackets!  I still think Jalie’s 2562 incturctions for a placket are the best yet.  The curved hem was very sharp too.  Usually there is a small flat part at the hip which makes it easy to turn up the hem.  This one met at an angle and was a bear to hem.  I had to snip my fabric just to get it to turn.  I’d modify this curve a bit if I sew it again. 


Fabric: The very softest French Terry I’ve ever felt.  Wearing this fabric is like wearing a cloud!  2 yards of Navy Two Tone French Terry Fabric from Stylish Fabric.  Purchased Nov 2015 for $14.80.  I thought it would be much thicker and have 4 way stretch.  It only has 2 way and is really thin, but still super soft.  87% Polyester 9% Rayon 4% Spandex mix.  I can’t recommend Stylish Fabric as a place to buy though.  They took forever to get my fabric to me and most of it was so thin. 


Thoughts: I love the feel of this top.  I love the color.  I’m not sure if it looks to much like Pajamas to be worn in public though.  I also have a bit of pulling across my butt so I need to add a 1/2” of fabric there next time.  I don’t want to take it off, however, so it must be a win!


Pattern: The P4P raglan strikes again!  This is the 3rd one I’ve sewn this month.  This shows how much I love this pattern!


Instructions and sewing: You can read my thoughts on the instructions in my other two posts: elephant raglan and hooded raglan.  I added 2” to the length.  This one is also a size M bust/waist to an XL at the hip.  I used the curved hem, long sleeves with cuffs, and round neckline.  The curve on this hem is perfect and I had no issues turning it up to hem it.  I slimmed 3 inches off each side seam from nothing at bust to 3” at waist to nothing at hip.  I like the slimmer fit. 


Fabric: 1.25 yards of Teal/Purple Print Double Knit, 97% Polyester 3% Lycra; purchased from fashionfabricsclub in Oct 2015 for $6.19 and 1 yard of Peacock Blue Solid Cotton Spandex Knit from Girl Charlee, Aug 2015 for $6.50.  Total for shirt: $12.69


Thoughts: I love this one just as much as the other two I made.  I like that this one is long enough to wear my leggings with!  My hooded one was just a tad too short for leggings.  I feel that leggings aren’t pants, and my tops must be long enough to cover my butt to wear the leggings, lol. 

Next I made a ton (7) Pairs of Jalie 3242 underwear for myself with fabric scraps.  I found this blog post showing me how to have the front and back crotch seams enclosed so I modifed my pattern for this.  I love them all but the bird one (yellow) has to be my fav. pair.  Yes, I used my silhouette to vinyl my underwear!  I’m addicted, what can I say : )  Anyway, I’ve made this pattern numerous times and I just love the fit.  They are so comfortable and actually cover my whole backside.  The best part is that they do not ride at all.  I used fold over elastic on all the leg seams and waists. 


Miss K received two new pairs of Ottobre 01/2009 #29 Saija Sweatpants.  This is her favorite pants pattern.  I think if I counted right this is the 8th and 9th pair I’ve made for her.  I sized up to the 152, reduced the front rise by 1” and shortened by 2” in length.  I use 2” wide elastic inside the yoga waistband to help hold them up. 


Fabric: 1 yard of Bright Purple Velour purchased Oct 2015 from fashionfabricsclub for $3.75; and 1 yard of “mouse” gray velour purchased Dec 2014 from Natures Fabrics for $9.


And Mr. T received a new pair of pajama shorts from the pattern he loves most Ottobre 06/2011 #37 Green Check Boxer Shorts


These shorts have been made 10 times before!
Bear Flannel and Space Nov 2014
Bart Simpson and Perry the Platypus May 2014
Long pjs pants and fuzzy shorts Jul 2013
Altered to shorts with piped pockets Jun 2013
Terry Cloth pj shorts Feb 2013
Space pj shorts with mock fly Jan 2013
Blue gingham shorts with mock fly Jan 2013

Fabric: 1.5 yards Pokemon Characters Blue Cotton Woven.  From Hancocks in Sept. 2015 for $7.71 on sale. 

I sized up to a 164 this time and added 1” to the waistband to fit in my 2” elastic.  They were a bit low before this and is rear was starting to show.  Now they fit great, if a little bit to grow into. 


So that’s it for 2015.  My next post will list my stats for the year and such.   I'm giddy with excitement to look over all my charts and data because I'm a numbers geek like that :D


  1. You sew the nicest tees, the fit shows off your tiny waist and love all your knickers!
    xx N


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