Thursday, August 1, 2019

Sunnysewing is Moving to Wordpress

I'm tired of fighting with Blogger.  Today I started a new blog on Wordpress.  No new posts will be here.  

I'll leave my old blog up because I refer to it often. But I'd be super happy if you would follow me over on my new blog.

New posts will be at

Hope to see you there! And thanks for reading!

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

P4P Boundless as a top and Greenstyle Chelsea Pants

I apologize if this post is a repeat to some of you.  I’m having issues with Bloglovin not showing my posts; and now my Open Live Writer is acting up again; oh and my photos are blurry too.  Technology...... UGH.

Way back when (Jan 2019) I made winter sewing plans.  I’ve still been working on those plans.  I have 4 of the 10 made and 2 more muslins in progress.  Here are 2 things from those plans.

Patterns for Pirates – Boundless dress as a top

I made this back in Jan 2019 and haven’t gotten around to taking pictures.  I was waiting for the pants to be finished to go with it.

Size: Large, empire waist, 3/4 sleeves.

Alterations: 1/2” forward shoulder, raised back neck 5.5”, did 3/4” hem.  for the bottom piece that is gathered I made a trapezoid shape. 26” across the top slanting to 29.5” at the bottom hem and 15” tall.  On the inside I attach fold over elastic around the waist where the gathers are.  I do this without stretching the elastic at all. This makes sure the gathers stay nice, do not stretch out, and the FOE is soft enough that it doesn’t irritate my skin like regular or clear elastic does (allergy to latex).

Fabric: 2 yards black roses floral double brushed poly.  purchased in dec 2016 from knitpop

Thoughts: love love love.  I love everything about this top.

Future: no changes to make.

Greenstyle - Chelsea Yoga Pants

These pants were my hold up.  I made a pair according to my measurements in January and they were waaaay to tight – like skin tight booty pants, and that is not a look I’m trying to achieve.  So I put the booty pants aside and measured the pattern flat – which showed why they did not fit me.  My measurements put me in an XL but the flat measurements showed I needed to make a 3XL.

In March I made the 3xl size finally and they fit all sorts of weird.  They were too high in the waist, the crotch felt weird, the waist was too big and the butt had issues.  I put them aside and moved on for the time being.

Well, fast forward from March to July and now I’ve gained 20 lbs; so I put on the 3XL pants the other day…. and they fit.  Fit just fine actually – I mean well enough to wear in public.  ha!  So here are my Chelsea pants to go with my above top – in the middle of July – oh and did I mention my pants are FLEECE lined! hahahahaha.

We will start with the larger ones first (the second pair)

Size: 3xl, medium rise.

Alterations: scooped butt curve by 1/2”, sloped more to the waist by taking in 1/4” at mid butt curve and then 3/8” at top of butt curve by waist.  Added 1/4” to outer hip at waist, added 3/8” at outer hip curve – did this to compensate for the sloping of the curve at CB as well as the scooping.

Fabric: 1.5 yards “Black Sweatshirt fleece”, plush brushed fleece back, can be used for activewear.  4 way stretch. Purchased Feb 2018 from fashionfabricsclub for $3.94/yard. so $5.91 total.

Thoughts: I love the front seam on these.  I love the flare.  I’m glad they fit me now.  I think the midrise is too high for my liking. I would like to lower the front rise by 1/2-3/4”

Future: It will depend, if I lose weight I will try the 2xl size and go from there.  I will do low rise from now on.

Here are the weird fit pics from Mar before I gained weight. same pair of pants.

OK now on to the 1st pair I made:

Size: Large at waist to XL hip and elsewhere.  midrise.

Alterations: scooped butt curve 1/2” added 1/8” to back leg inseam and 1/4” to front leg inseam.  added 3/4” to hem. 

Fabric: 1.25 yards Black nylon/lycra fleece-back knit from fabricmart fabrics. purchased in a mystery bundle May 2017.  Cost $1.20 for the piece. 30% stretch selvage to selvage

Thoughts: way too tight. skin tight. These instagram pics were the only ones I snapped of these pants and if they were skin tight in Jan, then there is no way I’m even getting a leg in one of these now!

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

Sunday, July 28, 2019

P4P Essentials Tank and Sos Knit Shorts

I have started taking better notes when sewing.  I made myself a template and keep track of my measurements at the time, the date I start and finish an item, the size, alterations, and any notes.  I seem to make a bunch of things and then take forever to get pictures of them – then take longer to write a blog post about them.  So by the time I get to the post, I have forgotten a few details.  Now with the templates I should be able to keep those details until I”m ready to write about them.  

In the past month I’ve referenced quite a few of my blog posts before sewing things – the whole reason I blog, to keep track for myself. 

First up today:  Patterns for Pirates – Essentials Tank 


Made before: Black with green plaid (apr2017), as well as 3 for Miss K (Pink: jan2017, teal: jun2017, & space dye: dec2016)

My measurements at this time: 39 bust, 31.5 waist, 46 hip


Started sewing: 06/12/19, finished sewing 06/12/19

Size Sewn: L at bust/waist to XL at hip

Alterations/Options: curved hem, racerback.


Fabric: Plain black double brushed poly.  Where and when I picked it up is a guess because I have a few yards of black dbp. I think I got it in an auction box from Knitpop in June 2017. $3.70/yard – took 1 yard to make.  92% Poly 8% Spandex, 200gsm


Thoughts:  simple top, easy and fast to sew.  I like it a lot.  I made it specifically to wear with these green floral capri leggings I made in May.


For future: Needs 1/2” more at the back hip.

Up Next, a wadder.
Patterns for Pirates – Sos Pants


Never made before. This was my test pair.

My measurements at this time: 31.5 waist, 46 hip


Started sewing: 06/12/19, finished sewing 07/01/19

Size Sewn: XL waist to XXL hip


Alterations/Options: skinny leg option, cut it at the thigh end for the shorts. I added 1.5” elastic to the waist at 31.5” long.

Fabric: Dark Turquoise Ponte Knit.  purchased Aug 2016 from fashionfabricsclub for $3.95/yard.  These used a little more than a yard. 50% Polyester 47% Rayon 3% Lycra


Thoughts: Not enough support in the knit fabric for front pockets at the waist area.  Too tight in the butt, it pulls at the back pockets.  Back pockets are too small.  Generally they don’t look good and I don’t really like them.


For future: I’m not sure I’ll ever make these again, but if I do I will leave off the front pockets, make the back pockets bigger, and add a bit of room to the thighs and crotch curve.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

More of Jalie 3022 Yoga Pants

Probably one of my most used patterns.  Definitely one of my most worn pants throughout the years.  I first sewed this pattern in Dec 2014 and I continue to sew it as my weight changes and the fabric wears out.  (Currently I’ve gained a bit of weight as I’ve found a few more things to eat recently).
Here are the seven pairs I made prior to these new 2 pairs (sewing these new ones brings my total up to using this pattern NINE times).  1. Black plain  2. Hunter Green 3. Green Shorts 4. Teal Pants 5. Black and White  6. Black for Miss K  7. Navy Cotton Lycra

First up: Black Yoga Pants


Size: My measurements at this time (waist 32, hip 46) put me in a size W waist and BB hip.  But these fit tight so I sized up to a Waist Z, Hip CC.  That’s one up in the hip and 3 up in the waist.
Alterations: curved the back crotch more at the lower butt by 1/2”. Added 1” to the Hem


Instructions: The instructions are fantastic.  At this point in sewing them so much I rarely have to look at them, but I do glance from time to time – especially for the waistband part.  Nothing is hard to sew though.

Fabric: 2 yards Double Brushed Yoga Knit – Heavy (though it doesn’t feel heavy) from Knitpop for $9.50/yard so $19 total.


Thoughts: Love, love, love.  I love everything about these. They are soft, they feel like I’m wearing pajamas.  The fabric is amazing.  These things are perfect. (These were sewn April 18th, 2019 and I’ve worn them a ton of times since).


Next time: Need to lower the center front rise by 1”.  It sometimes bothers my stomach to have the waistband so high.

Next: Navy Yoga Pants


Size: It’s hard to say because of my alterations below.  I started with Waist Z and Hip CC but after my alterations this made the front hip increase by 0.25” and the back hip increase by 1.25”!  The thigh measurements remained the same.  My measurements at this time (waist 32, hip 46) put me in a size W waist and BB hip.  But these fit tight so I sized up to a Waist Z, Hip CC.  That’s one up in the hip and 3 up in the waist, and then did the alterations on top of this.


Alterations:  I put my beloved Burda yoga pant pattern (11/2007 #122) on top of the Jalie pattern and used the crotch curve and hip from the Burda for these. I also used 32” for the waistband elastic. 
Instructions: same as above (The instructions are fantastic.  At this point in sewing them so much I rarely have to look at them, but I do glance from time to time – especially for the waistband part.  Nothing is hard to sew though).

Fabric: 2 yards Navy 4-way stretch Ponte (this stuff is heavy) from Knitpop; purchased in April 2017 for $5.10 per yard, so $10.20 total.


Thoughts: eh.  I’m not really happy with my alterations – they make the pants feel weird.  Also, the ponte is too heavy and the seams feel large, not comfortable.  They are a bit loose on me too and this pattern is made to be tight fitting.  The view from the backside is not a good one; I don’t think I’ll get much wear out of these. (These were sewn May 7th, 2019 and I attempted to wear them one time but couldn’t handle the scratchy feel of the ponte or seams).

Not everything I sew is going to work out.  I”m glad I tried this alteration, but I know now that it doesn’t work out.  So into the wastebasket it goes!

Monday, July 8, 2019

BurdaStyle 01/2017 #103 The Oversized Hoodie


I read a few reviews on this hoodie before I made it.  They all stated it was large and to size down.  So I did and it still turned out way big. (This was made in April).


Size: My measurements at the time put me in size 42 bust/waist and 46 hip.  I sewed up a size 40 bust/waist and 42 hip.  This hoodie should be advertised as oversized. (I skipped the kangaroo front pocket because it went over my panel design). Before attaching the hood and hemband I tried it on and saw it was enormous so I took an extra 2" off each side.  It still is very large.


Instructions:  I glanced at them here and there.  They were ok for the most part.  You need prior knowledge of how to put a hoodie together before tackling this project.


Fabric: Charcoal cotton lycra; royal cotton lycra; and a Raccoon panel from Wanderlust Designs. 


Thoughts:  I know it can be hard to tell in the pictures, but I feel like I'm drowning in it and it feels very frumpy.  When a shirt matches my hips I lose my waist and it makes me look 2x larger than I am.  I love the style of the pattern and my fabric choices, so I’m a bit sad it is too large. I cannot take any more off the sides because I will lose most of the design there.   I don’t think I’ll attempt this pattern again.  The good news is that I bought a bunch of these wildlife panels in a sale – so I think I have another raccoon for a different pattern.