Friday, December 29, 2017

Purple, Purple and a Puppy

Well, the year is almost over and I still have a bunch of makes I haven’t posted yet. Oops.  I will do my best to catch up so I can start my big plans for next year, fresh.

Here are 3 makes for me (1 fail, 2 successes) and a make for the puppy. 

Ottobre 02/2017 #2 “All Day Long” Rayon Jersey Top


Size: 42 at shoulder to waist, graded to a 44 hip in front and 46 hip in back. 

Adjustments: 1/2” forward shoulder adjustment. Raised neckline 1/2” because it looked low


Instructions are to the point, easy enough to follow.  The neck and hem are bound, cuffs at the arms. 


Fabric: 2 yards Midnight Plum Rayon Spandex Jersey Knit. Purchased May 2017 from on sale for $4/yard.  $8 total.  This is a heavier rayon spandex than I’m used to.  It does make the top hang a bit more (pull towards the ground). 


Thoughts:  Fail.  miserable fail.  I do not like the drop shoulder; Honestly I didn’t think the pattern had this at all, big oversight.  It is also super long.  Like Tunic long.  It looks oversized, baggy, and huge on me.   If I pull up the bottom it looks halfway decent but I still don’t like that shoulder.  I will attempt to use it for a nightgown but I am afraid it is destined for the trash or repurpose pile.  Hmm, there is a lot of fabric here, maybe I can get a cowl tank out of it.  I do love the color.


BurdaStyle 11/2007 #122

I had this pattern pegged to make myself some yoga pants, and then Miss K needed some like “right now” back in September for Gym.  She even used the black space fabric I wanted to use.  After I got over my disappointment of making them for her instead of me, I picked out the same fabric in a different color and made my own. 

burda purp 2

Size:Waistband 42; Front Piece: 42 waist, 44 hip to hem; Back Piece: 42 waist, graded to 46 at hip to knee and back to 44 the rest of the way to hem. I added 1.5” for the hem like the magazine stated but then only did 1” hem. 

burda purp 1

Instructions:  For Burda, these are good instructions.  However, the pattern is also simple to sew up so not too much to mess up.


Fabric: 2 yards Eggplant Space Dye Poly Spandex Performance Tech Knit Fabric;  It is 90% Poly, 10% Spandex. Purchased from in July 2017 for $7.20/yard. $14.40 total for these pants.  This fabric is amazing.  it is soft and slippery.  It feels closer to ITY than athletic wear.  It has great recovery though.  When I wear these pants it feels like silk on my legs.  The fabric is perfect for warmer weather. 


Thoughts:   I love love love these pants.  They are so easy to make, fit really well, and are super comfortable to wear.  I loved them so much that I made a second pair in this thick red yoga knit fabric. 


Fabric: Premium Red Yoga Knit from Knitpop.  Super thick and luscious.  Purchased in June 2017; it was $10.50/yard in a half off sale.  So $21 total for this pair. This fabric is awesome to wear too.  It has great recovery and is super soft and plush. 


And now for the puppy.  Back in September I was preparing Bear (aka bennie, beanie, etc).  for his first shave.  Knowing he would be cold I made him a cute shirt.  I even embroidered his name on the back.  His full name is Bear E.B. Benson. 

Pattern: Sophi and Friends (on etsy) Dog Tee Shirt Pattern 1764


Size: Tiny little 8lb Bear measured in the Large/XL size.  I measured twice to be sure.  I made him the size Large.

Fabric:  A small bit of Turquoise Cotton Lycra from the scrap pile. 


Instructions:  The instructions are good.  I had no problems putting this together.


Thoughts: Pretty good fit though I will probably size down next time.  It is really baggy near his belly and well…. he’s a boy so it needs to be shorter and tighter across his belly. 


He was thoroughly confused by the shirt and the pictures.  It’s so hard to live a dog’s life.


Happy Sewing!


  1. I almost sewed that Ottobre!! I didn't mind the dropped shoulder but the length! I said it's almost a minidress! The color is gorgeous though so I agree you should try to repurpose it!

    Love your pants and especially that second fabric. It looks fantastic.

    1. Ahh! That's too funny. I wish you would have sewn it first!

      Thank you!

  2. Definitely reuse that purple fabric! It's beautiful. I LOVE those pants! I need to organize my Burda magazines--I could be missing something that should be sewn up ha ha. Dog clothing is so cute and looks fun to make. I even have a pattern for a dog jacket with no dog cause I couldn't resist it. LOL You know, just in case I ever want to gift one.

    1. Thanks Shirley! It is nice to look through my Burda patterns now that I have them all in that binder. I just love looking and planning and looking and dreaming.
      I laughed so hard that you have a dog sewing pattern but no dog. You crack me up!

  3. I love yoga pants and yours are just too cute! This is yet another pattern that I missed out on. I subscribed to the magazine shortly after this one came out. It sure would be nice if they added it to the Burda site. I like the fit of yours and your pup is adorable.

    1. Thank you Sherell! I sometimes find my older Burda magazines on Ebay. I wish the site would add the older patterns, there are so many I love!


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