Monday, June 26, 2017

Sewing for Miss K–Patterns for Pirates

Here are some of the things I’ve sewn for Miss K lately.  (She is not into pictures anymore….. 11 yr olds….)

Patterns for Pirates ~ Relaxed Raglan Hoodies

Aqua Azetc Hoodie17505680_1327792907305223_276101754_n

This is what she asked for. We sat down and put it together on my Cameo software. 

kiela hoodie

And this is the face I get when I try to take pics

The Aqua Aztec Hoodie is from some wonderful Aqua Liverpool fabric.  The texture is so cool: bumpy but soft.  I got this from Hancock’s going out of business sale.  I picked up 6 yards in July 2016 for only $0.75 a yard!!!  The navy accents are also the same Liverpool – I purchased 6 yards of that for $0.75 a yard too!  That was an amazing shopping day.  So this hoodie took about 2 yards and cost $1.50.  K has worn it a million times since I made it a few months ago (March).  She loves it.

Light Turquoise Hoodie

Size for both:  S in the shoulders, S/M everywhere else. For the hoodie I used the lined hood, cuffs, kangaroo pocket, and shirt length in banded.  For the Aztec fabric I added elbow patches per K’s request. 

I wanted to steal this one for myself but it was a tad small

The light turquoise hoodie is from 2 yards of Triblend Jersey knit I purchased from Knitpop for $8.50/yd.  It is super soft and lightweight.  K wanted a hoodie to wear when the weather was warmer.  This worked perfectly for that.  She didn’t want any graphic put on it though, preferring it to be plain.  Total cost for this hoodie $17

Thoughts:  Well, I love this pattern.  I’ve made it countless times for myself and K loves it too. 

Patterns for Pirates ~ Essentials tank and Palazzos as shorts


Miss K sleeps hot so I made up some cute tank and shorts combos for her sleepwear. 


Essentials tank: Size XS in bust/shoulder and M in waist/hip.  I raised the neckline by 1”, shortened the overall tank length by 1”, and shortened the straps by 1/2”.  This is the shirt length, hemmed with straight straps. (the teal one I made about 3” longer for tunic length)


Palazzos: Size XS in shorts length.

Fabric: The Black is double brushed poly, the pink and teal are also.  All three are from knitpop.  The other teal fabric is Teal Space Dye Athletic Knit from Joanns.  It is awesome fabric.  I wish I had purchased more at the time. It’s out of stock now. 

The Pink/Black Set was made in Jan 2017. The Teal/Black set I finished up just last week.  The Teal Space Dye I made Dec 2016. 


Happy Sewing!


  1. Lovely sets for your darling girl! I'm sure she loves them, but kids can't seem to show that for some goofy reason! Lol. My 7 year old son is the same way. He's still wearing handmade jammies I made him because they're "my favorite mom!" But when new, actually cried when I simply asked for a pic in them! Kids!

    1. Thank you! I can tell when she loves something if she wears it a lot. I laughed so hard about your son and the pjs! It is the sad truth!

  2. You got so lucky with the Hancock's sale! I got a few pieces of fabric but then when they put up their closing signs, my store increased the price of everything so the discount made the total cost higher than it had been before. Those sleepwear sets are so nice. LOL on the "face." The pains we go through to sew for our children and "the inconvenient looks" we get when we want a picture.

    1. Thanks Shirley! This was after the closing signs and the increase in prices. They went down just before officially closing. We went the day before they shut the doors :) Actually we traveled to this one because the one in my city sucked.
      We really do go through a lot of pain for our kids!!


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