Saturday, August 1, 2015

July Recap 2015

11 items, 18.5 yards of fabric. Total fabric cost $83.05
How did I do for July with my resolutions?
1 new pattern: yes, 5
1 new Burda/Otto pattern for me: sadly no, but I used a few of the Big 4 this month. (Technically I have a Burda skirt in progress but it is not quite finished yet)
1 fabric stash used: yes, 4.75 yards total (I’m embarrassed to tell you how many yards came INTO my house this month…)
1 me make each month in 2015: yes, 4 things for me


  1. I've been on Instagram too much. I tried to double click the photo to like it!

    Love this month! You got a ton done and it's all great!

    1. ;-) Thanks Nakisha! I like to see how much I actually completed in a snapshot. It boosts my confidence, lol. I don't do instagram, maybe I should look into it...

  2. Each time I read your monthly roundup posts, I go 'really, a whole month already? ' Time flies and I am behind on everything :) You're so productive!

    1. hahaha. I know, time flies so fast! Thanks Siri!


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