Monday, August 31, 2015

Flosstyle Jukebox Dress ~ Encore

I have a ton of cute cotton woven fabrics to sew up because cotton woven fabric always seems to have the cutest designs!  Miss K is getting older and soon she won’t want to wear half of them.  I saw this pattern release by Flosstyle and thought it would be a perfect way to use some of these fabrics up. 



This pattern is unique in that it offers 6 base designs and tons of ways to mix and match them all up!  The sizes go from Girls size 1 to 16.  The pattern also states that there are Australian women sizes from 6-10 but this is just girls sizes 12-16.  Australian women must be super tiny!  The largest chest measurement goes to 30.75; no way would that come close to fitting me. Regardless, it is a great pattern for K.




I picked the base style of “Encore” because K is on a maxi kick.  The first time around I cut and made two fronts on accident. doh!  I had enough fabric to recut it correctly.  I noticed the top was huge on K when I first cut it at a 12. So I measured and settled on a size 8 for the top with 10 in height.  The skirt tiers are a size 12 in width, 10 in height.  Miss K wants no part of elastic at her waist so I omitted that part and did not expose the ruffle on the first tier.  She is so picky some times. 




The instructions are a bit crazy in my opinion.  It was a bit hard to understand and read.  I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.  Regardless, I plugged through and the finishing is superb.  The bodice is lined and the neckline and sleeves are enclosed with the lining so there are no raw ends.  There is a zipper in the back as well.  I used my ruffler attachment on my sewing machine for the bottom hem but it didn’t give me as good of ruffles so I switched to using my serger for the top tier where it connects to the bodice.




Fabric: 1 yard (would have been 1/2 if I had not jumbled up the first top) “Gust of Leaves Silver, Wanderer” by April Rhodes, Art gallery fabrics, purchased in March for $8.60.  This is amazing fabric! So soft and smooth.  The second tier is 1 yard “Hilltop Mint” from Dear Stella, purchased sometime this year for $7.12 and the third tier is “Navy Sprigs” also from Dear Stella, 1 yard $7.12. Total for the dress: $22.84





Thoughts: This dress exceeded my expectations.  It looks amazing and I’m so happy I bought this pattern.  I look forward to trying out some of the other styles and mixing and matching things up.




And, School starts tomorrow for my kiddos.  Exciting and sad at the same time. I’ll be working on some fall clothes for me now!




  1. This pattern is so great as I'm guessing once you've got the bodice fit right you can make any variation you like. It has certainly resulted in a very pretty dress for your daughter. School starts back for my youngest Thursday, and my middle one is off to music college! Eep! That's when my sewing really starts again xx

    1. Thank you Philippa! Yes, now that I got the bodice size down I can mix and match all the different elements. I think this is exciting and more pattern makers should try it.
      I wish your kids good luck with school this year! Music college sounds fun! :)


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