Friday, April 18, 2014


I've been working on a dress the past couple days - for me! I know, rare huh?

Things have been progressing quite well.  I like how it's coming together and it seems to fit well with minor alterations.  I had hoped to finish it up today; however, running into a few snags has forced me to walk away (just for the day).
bodice front

Day 1: traced pattern, completed alterations to pattern pieces, prewashed fabric.
Day 2: cut fabric (K became sick so I had to stop there- she's been sick all week, ugh)
bodice back

Day 3: sewed bodice.  realized I forgot to cut 2 of midriff front and back (for facings) and forgot to cut top shoulder piece on the bias. No fabric left - must improvise.  I took one of the pocket pieces and cut the shoulder pieces on the bias. Then I cut the midriff and pocket pieces out of white cotton - they won't be seen anyway. 1 disaster averted. Had a wonderful time figuring out which direction the facing went to sew it to leave it open on one side corresponding with the bodice open side. I am terrible with directions.
Day 4: sewed on pocket pieces to skirt portion and R side of skirt. Attempted to sew L side and realized I messed up the pockets on that side. Unpick, unpick, unpick.  There is where I had to walk away. The seam ripper and I are not friends and I feel like we've been spending too much time together.

cute gathering at the shoulders

Perhaps I'll finish it up tomorrow :)
skirt portion - left for another day

I'm loving the gathering details under bust, at the shoulders, and then also on the skirt portion.

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. Love that fabric.. You are going to have a beautiful dress when you finish.. Happy sewing.

  2. Love the fabric! Where did you get it? It is gorgeous! I can't wait to see the finished dress. I really like the way it is looking!

    1. I picked it up on sale from Hancock some time ago - the selvage tells me it is their own line? Says Hancock's on it. Thanks Shirley!

  3. Oh, good luck with dress! It looks very promising. And I hope K is better soon. I'm not getting much sewing done as it's the Easter holidays and the kids are keeping me very busy (despite being teenagers, mum's taxi is in full operation!). I think it's very wise to take a break when you are starting to get frustrated. It's always easier to come back when you're feeling calmer x

    1. lol I am a taxi service myself sometimes. I hope you enjoyed your Easter with the kids Philippa! :D

  4. Love the shoulder detail! That dress would be super cute for Fourth of July, too. Very nice!

    1. Thanks Aleksandra, that is my favorite part too (the shoulders) I did think of the 4th of July when I was making it too! LOL


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