Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Girl Who Needed Shorts

We all try to prepare for back to school.  We go through clothes, make lists or mental notes on what is needed.  We get things on the list school sends home.  The big day comes when school starts and everyone is excited.

I plan outfits each Sunday for the whole week.  We have one of those shoe things that hang in the closet -

works perfect for organizing kids clothes.  Monday (Labor day) I realized that Miss K doesn't have any shorts that fit for the week of school and she is not wanting to wear a skirt or dress.  Couple all this with the sweltering heat we are getting and the fact that the schools here do not have air conditioning.... recipe for disaster.

All my sewing plans for the week were put on hold to remedy this issue.  In the midst of many doctors appointments, a dentist appointment and homework this week, I sewed shorts.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, shorts.  One pair each day.  K came home and wrinkled her little nose at each one.  She is in a mood lately; very picky about clothing.  2nd grade can be tough I guess.

So here is the lineup of what I think are cute shorts.

1st pair:
Pattern: Jalie 3243 with modified pockets to in-seam. Used "showed facing" view.
Fabric: A cotton sateen floral print with a bit of stretch. Came from my mom who made a sundress that no longer fits.  I cut it up :-)
Cost: Free

2nd pair:
Pattern: Jalie 3243 with modified pockets to in-seam. Used "hidden facing" view.
Fabric: 1 yard very soft 21 wale corduroy from "Kaufman 21 Wale Cool Cords Retro Bloom Flame"; scraps for facing and pockets from "Once Upon a Time Bugs Blue"
Cost: $6.44

3rd pair:
Pattern: Modified from Ottobre 03/2012 #29 (seen below). I traced out a size 146 for K.  I measured down 5 inches for inseam on front and back.

Fabric: A soft, thick knit. I think it is a double knit? Not too sure. We'll stick with mystery knit. It behaved and sewed very nicely.  A fabric I picked up from Hancocks about 2 years ago.
Cost: Unknown

and 4th pair:
Pattern: Same as above, modified Ottobre 03/2012 #29
Fabric: A cotton jersey t-shirt I cut up that no longer fit me.
Cost: Free
The bow is decorative and serves no function. I interfaced and put in buttonholes. Then I attached ribbon to each side of the shorts on the elastic side - this is before I fold the elastic over.  I then flipped the elastic down and sewed as usual.  I made the bow and sewed down the center so it won't come undone.

Hopefully this will tide K over until the heat breaks.

And now back to some me sewing!!!

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. What lovely shorts! The way of doing the bow/elastic on the last pair is really neat. I expect your daughter will come to have a favourite. Mine are teens and I can't buy/make anything without permission. Thank goodness, we have strict uniform rules. My 13yo went back to school in a blazer, tights and a tie, regardless of temperature! If you tell her that she might be happier!!

    1. Thanks Philippa! I hope they grow on her. Much better than store bought.
      I am not looking forward to her teenage years!
      uniforms sound fun, but hot! It was 96 here today


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