Sunday, June 10, 2018

Jalie 3677 Helene Cardigan - SWAP


Size: V at Shoulder/Bust/Waist to Y at Hip

  • 1/2” forward shoulder

Instructions: excellent!  I love the pictures with the written instructions.  I’m such a visual person and they help me out a lot.  This cardigan was fun to sew, it was like putting together a puzzle.  The pieces are very unique.


Fabric:  2 yards Heather Slate Grey Sweater Knit, 90% Polyester 8% Rayon 2% Lycra blend. Purchased Sept 2017 from Fashion Fabrics Club for $3.94 per yard.  Total for Cardi: $7.88


  • I love the design. 
  • I love how the shaping is in the back. 
  • It sews up super, super fast.
  • I feel like the pockets are too far back to be useful (on the pattern photo she is clearly pulling the cardi forward for her hands to be that far ahead).
  • I feel like the cardi needs a button on the front middle. 

I’m sure I’ll make this pattern again some time and when I do I will shift the pockets forward a bit and add a button.  It’s a great pattern!



I was so excited for this cardi to look great that I even mitered the corners, and sewed around them with my coverstitch



Spring/Summer Plan:


  1. Very nice! I was glad to read your review as I have had this pattern since last year, but haven't used it yet. I also prefer useable pockets and a button up front, so I will take this into consideration as I now had some sweater knit to try it with.

    1. Thanks Barb! I'm glad I could help. It's a great sew, you will enjoy it!

  2. Yours turned out very nice. Mine, not so much. I was kinda peeved about that pocket situation ... at me for not noticing and at Jalie for basically hiding how it really sits. But like you, I still think it's a pretty ingenious pattern and I did enjoy sewing it, so I will give it another go at some point and will also move that pocket forward or something. This was my first Jalie "fail" so I don't want it to stay that way since I do really like Jalie patterns.

    1. Thanks Debbie! I had to laugh. I have 2 Jalie fails :( I really love their patterns though so I try to just move on from the fail. The older raglan pattern ....I keep going back to it and it keeps failing. Also the Eleanore; they just do not fit my pear shape.


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