Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ottobre 01/2009 #28 "Marja" Jersey Tunic

hippie flare? check
bell sleeves? check
loose fit? check
stash fabric? check. even better!

That is the mix for a great top for Miss K.
I had a blast making this.

The top is from Ottobre 01/2009 #28 "Marja" Jersey Tunic.  I also made the sweats for K that sort of "go with" this top in the magazine photos.  She's even wearing them in this photo shoot!

In the past I've had trouble getting the sizing down for Miss K in the Ottobres.  She is 128 in height but her measurements are all over the place.  She is not skinny, and not chunky.  Her chest and waist measure the same, and then she is cursed with my larger rear.  I measured every piece before tracing this to ensure it would fit and not be too small or too big.

I ended up tracing and sewing a 134 in height and a 146 in width.  There is a bit of growing room, but I'm just fine with that.
(loving the bell sleeves!)

I took my time sewing, going slowly and taking breaks when I needed to.  I sewed it over the course of 3 days.  It was quite relaxing.  I switched up all my thread (both machine and serger) to Gutermann.  It runs/sews and seems to last much longer than the "crappier" thread I was using. Plus the lint is far less.  I also switched up to sewing with a zig zag stitch set at 2.5 length and 0.5 width.  just a slight bit of zag to ensure a bit of stretching.  After I stitched all seams I then serged - sort of a way to double reinforce seams. These suckers aren't popping!

I followed the instructions - crazy concept, I know.  The sleeve heads had about 2.5-3" of easing to do. Yuk.  I chose to gather the tops instead.  I like how they look with the gathering at the waist.  I did the binding on the pockets as directed but the neckline I finished the way I like.  My twin needle finished up the hems quite nice - still on the zigzag stitch.  I also used fusible stay tape for the shoulders instead of elastic tape; however, I used elastic tape for the rest as suggested.

(a bit of room to grow still - 1.5 inches each side I'd say - K loves it loose)

Fabric: Stash fabric! Yes! Though not too long ago ordered.  I picked this up from fashionfabricsclub on 10/24/13. 1.5 yards that shrunk when washed to 1 3/8 yards.  It is a lightweight, cotton, pink, floral jersey knit in 60" wide.  $5.56 total.  I bought it exactly for this project and I'm happy I actually used it as such!  The "official" description: Soft Pink, Fuschia, Orchid, Yellow, Dark Brown & White Small floral print Jersey Knit fabric This lightweight knit is great for shirts or a child's casual dress 100% Cotton 60" wide Machine washable

Freaking love it! Can I have one? The neckline is a bit wide on K so I will most likely reduce her bodices to a 140 width from here out. Otherwise everything else is perfect.  She's already requested another one in fox fabric.

I'll leave you with a picture of the "redneck" fun the kids had with dad today.  Yep, that is the lawn mower pulling the sled.  hahahaha

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~
Total Stash yards used in 2014 so far: 4.5


  1. This is so cute, Kristin. And Miss K is a doll! Also, I love how you have your tally at the bottom of your post!

    1. Aw. Thanks Gail! :)
      I hope the tally keeps me motivated!

  2. I love this! I knew when I saw this in the magazine that it would look super cute. I'm going to see if my girls would like this top. It always helps for them to see it on a blog made up and not just in the magazine.

    1. Thanks Shirley! It has given me a little sewing oomph that I needed. My K always like to see them on "real" kids too :-)

  3. This is super cute and the fabric is perfect for it. I'd kind of forgotten about this pattern, but I know my younger two girls would love it. The fit on K looks pretty good - hopefully you're able to nail down a standard Otto alteration for her soon. I had found the perfect fit for my girls for years, but I've been realizing lately I need to start accommodating for some booty for one of them (obviously not shaped like me!)

    1. Thanks Joy! I have wanted to make this forever, just kept putting it on the back burner. I'm getting closer to having her fit down ;-)
      I could totally see your girls in a top like this.
      It's funny when kids start to get a bit of shape on them. K is so embarrassed when I talk about her behind with her in fittings. lol!

  4. Totally adorable! And I love the fabric you chose :)

  5. That tunic is just perfection! I love it when fabric, pattern and fit come together. I think your slower sewing paid off ( and gosh, that snow scene does look fun. No snow here in the UK yet, but I'm fine with that!).

    1. Me too Philippa :) Seems like such a rare occurrence for me, lol. I will attempt to slow down my sewing this year. Oh and snow? We are being blasted with 7"+ right now to add to the stuff we already have. Do you normally have snow yet over the pond? This is typical for us although it has been abnormally super cold this year.

  6. The tunic is cute! I think your fit adjustments turned out perfect...plenty of grow room but she's not swimming in it now.

    1. Thanks Cindy! I will most likely stick with these adjustments now that I have a pretty good fit. I like the room to grow part ;-)


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