Sunday, April 29, 2018

Spring SWAP #1 & #2–Jalie Marie Claude and Sewaholic Renfrew

I whipped up two of my Spring Sewing-With-A-Plan makes. 

First up is the Jalie - Marie Claude 3667

black 4

I made one of these a few months back (Dec 2017) and loved the fit, didn’t like the fabric.  So I thought it would be perfect to make it again in this fun see-through sweater knit.  I must say I love this top!

black 6

Size: U for shoulders, bust, and waist and Y for hip
Alterations: none

black 5

Instructions: Jalie instructions are very good. I’ll be quite honest though, I only looked at them to see how much to hem the hem.  I made the scoop neck view this time and it’s a simple T-shirt sew.

black maybe 1

Fabric: Black Hacci Slub Sweater Knit, 2 yards from Stylish Fabrics.  Ordered July 2017 for $4.50 per yard.  Total for top: $9.00.    It is very thin, soft, and sheer.  The picture below shows off the sheer-ness of the top.

black 7

Thoughts: I love everything about it.  It fits great; is soft and not too tight, not too loose. I love the sheer quality of the fabric.  The arms are really long on this pattern, I’m ok with that.  It is exactly what I wanted in a black tee.

Sewaholic - Renfrew 1201

This is the 8th Renfrew I have shamelessly made.  This is by far my most favorite pattern ever.  For a few years now I’ve wanted a short sleeve cowl one, so finally I made it!

renfrew teal 1

Here are the other times I’ve made this top:
1. Elephants  2. Birds  3. Gray  4. Skater Mashup  5. Sweetheart Mashup 6. Navy Long sleeve 7. Aqua Feathers

Size: I have been losing weight again as my health has been crap, as normal it seems.  So I sized down to 8 in bust/shoulders/waist and then graded to a 10 at the hip.  This is 2 sizes down from my measurements.  I find the Renfrew to run a little big.

renfrew teal 2

Alterations: 1/2" forward shoulder adjustment.  Did not do the cuffs on the sleeve – cuffs on short sleeves bother me and make me feel like my biceps are huge.  I just added the cuff length to the sleeve then turned them up 3/4” and hemmed.

Instructions: Pet peeve, no "front" mark on sleeves. Plus, #6.  "sew collar pieces wrong sides together" This means that the right side is facing up, but the diagram shows the wrong side facing up; the diagram is right, sew it Right sides together.

renfrew teal 3

Fabric: 2 yards, Hacci Flux Triblend Stretch Jade Jersey Fabric with Two Tone Texture, ordered from Stylish Fabrics in July 2017 for $5.90 per yard.  Total for top: $11.80.   It is a 88% Polyester 8% Linen 4% Spandex blend and very soft, slightly sheer.

Thoughts: It’s a renfrew, what’s not to love!  I like it a lot and will most likely wear it often.

Here is my full Spring SWAP.

SWAP Spring 2018 updated


  1. I love your Marie Claude top! I still need to get this pattern. That fabric is fantastic! I'll have to copy you on this once I have the pattern. :) I love the Renfrew too! Every time you make one, it reminds me how much I love this pattern. I need to pull it out because I always forget about it. It's such a great and well-fitting basic.

    1. Thanks Shirley! Copy away :) Just remember those thumbhole directions are crap!

  2. I love both of these but especially the slight sheerness of the first top. You're on your way to a great spring wardrobe!

    1. Thanks Nakisha! It wears so nicely. Not too hot, not too cold. I hope to keep a roll going


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