Monday, March 11, 2019

Jalie 3886 Julia Camisole and Undies

Back in March 2018 I tested the Julia pattern from Jalie. 

Size Used: 
Camisole: U for Shoulder/Bust and grading to Y at hip. 
Undies: Size V at waist to Y at hip.

My Measurements at the time: Bust 36, Waist 29-30, Hip 43

(I would wear a different bra with this top, I took these pictures for testing fit). 

Fabric Used:  Red Cami is double brushed poly; Blue camisole is a soft ITY; Purple undies are from Poly Spandex.  Gray/Teal undies are cotton lycra.  They all met the stretch and recovery requirements.

Alterations: I blended sizes to fit my pear shape.  I do this to all my patterns.  I did not make any other alterations to the pattern

I made View A camisole. View D undies. 

Instructions: Well written, easy to follow for the most part.   However, I was really confused with the strapping in the back with the sliders on the camisole.  I really felt like there should be more explanation on those.  I have never put in sliders before, so I was lost.  The small drawing of the finished slider part was all that was there to help me.  After I made the first one I knew what I was doing so it made more sense. 

Overall fit:  I think the camisole fits great.  I love the swing front and that the back isn’t wide like the front.  On me I think I would reduce the neckline elastic by ½ to 1” because it gaped a little at center neck even while wearing it – with movement. 

The first (purple) undies fit good except that they didn't cover my cheeks at the bottom.  They did not ride up, however I like to have the fabric cover my cheeks, so on the second pair I added about an inch to the width there.  (Normally I add about ½” to undie patterns here so it is not uncommon for me).   The gray pair of undies fit better with alterations but wearing them I found they are really low rise in the back; I need more height there so when I bend over....

 I loved this pattern so much that I had to make a second pair the same day (the blue floral).  It is a very fast sew.  I think it will be perfect not only for bed/sleeping but for hot summer days.

Happy Sewing! 
~ Kristin ~


  1. I love this and I definitely need this pattern. I agree, perfect for sleeping and hot summer wear! I love the drape of the front.

  2. I like the drape as well, is that FOE? I have not used that before, is it hard to handle?
    xx N

    1. It is Foe! I love that stuff. it's cheap, easy to use. and it doesn't make me itchy like regular elastic does. some people sew on the one side before they flip the top over to sew. But I like to sew faster and I'm lazy so I just encase the fabric and sew it once. a triple zig zag is my favorite stitch on it. It's not hard to use at all.

  3. Those camis are a nice shape for you and I love the look of the undies.


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