Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Jalie 3667 Marie-Claude Long Sleeve Tops

Jalie 3667 Raglan Top for me


Size and Adjustments: W for shoulders and bust, V for waist and Z for hip
I chose to make View C the soft turtleneck with regular cuffs.


Instructions and pattern: I can’t lie.  I dislike how they piece together the collar.  It drives me nuts.  Why take a simple thing and make it more complicated?  The rest of the instructions are fine for this version (see below on other issues).  Oh! I almost forgot to mention, the arms are really long on this one.


Fabric: 2 yards of French Terry from So Sew English.  Purchased Oct 2017 for $13.50.  FT ALEXANDRA - DENIM / MARSALA - Poly Rayon Spandex French Terry Knit.  I hate to give a bad review and this post is full of disappointments.  This fabric is horribly thin.  I’ve never felt thinner French terry. I just wasn’t happy with it.  Plus my order took forever to come.  Pair it with the fabric below’s issues and I won’t order from SSE again. 



Thoughts: Ok.  Putting the pattern pieces aside, I do love the fit of this top.  It is a fast sew.  I can’t wait to make it again in a different fabric.  I’m unsure if I like this floral fabric on me, I will put it in the closet for awhile and see if it grows on me.

View A: Hooded with regular cuffs for Miss K


Size and Adjustments: Miss K: T for shoulders and bust, V for waist and W for hip
Instructions and pattern:  Normally I love Jalie instructions and techniques, however, these are the worst instructions and pieces for thumb cuffs that I’ve ever run across.  I also really dislike how they piece the hood.  Those two things aside, the rest of the pattern and instructions are good. (I always use this video for my thumbhole cuffs.  the results are perfect everytime: 5oo4 youtube video)

Fabric: Ok, more terrible fabric from So Sew English.  This plaid French terry is super thin.  It has tons of snags in the loops all over the back.  There are also some snags in the front.  Of course one ended up right in front when I was finished.   And worst of all is that the lines are so off grain that there is no hope of matching anything.  As I mentioned above, it took forever to get to me, and I won’t order from here again.  This was 2 yards Red/black FT PLAID -Poly Rayon Spandex French Terry for $19.98 purchased in Oct 2017 for Miss K, she loves buffalo plaid. 

Thoughts:  Miss K wanted thumbhole cuffs, but after fighting with the fiddly ridiculous pieces in the pattern and the terrible directions I just gave up and put regular cuffs on.  I told none of these issues to Miss K.  She wears the top, it fits her great, and she loves it. 


In awesome news, I got a new coverstitch machine!  I know, I know, I just got a new one in May…  In May I sold my Brother 2340cv and got the Janome 1000cpx.  Well I struggled and cursed too many times at that Janome.  We just couldn’t get along.  So I gave up and sold it.  And bought a Babylock CoverStitch2.  No issues with her!  She is awesome!  I’ll do a full review of all three, sometime soon.

Also, I have big ideas and big plans for this next year.  I’ll be sure to share that info soon.  Health wise I’m just taking each day as it comes.  This year has been the hardest for me in terms of my health but I just keep pushing forward, one small step at a time. 


  1. The tops look lovely in the photos - especially your floral one. You can't tell the fabric quality from the pictures, but it sounds disappointing. Thank you for the review & best wishes for happy holidays!

    1. Thank you Philippa! I wish you and your family happy holidays too! It is always funny to me how my opinion on makes changes when I see the photos. Getting that different perspective is priceless.

  2. Hi, I've been following you for some time now and I've always loved your honesty. I really appreciate the truth. I hate complicated instructions. Cannot wait for your review of the cover stitch as I am considering a new one myself, I hate mine so much I've been avoiding using it. Prayers that your health improves soon.

    1. Thanks Sherell! I hate to offend anyone but I have to be honest :)
      I was avoiding the Janome, it really halted my sewing and made things unpleasant. If you can afford it I would get the babylock. If the steep price is too much right now I would go for the brother. I saw had the brother for only $300 right now! I had to call 3 dealers to get an awesome price on the babylock ($1099).
      Unfortunately my doctor explained to me 2 weeks ago that I may never get better :( It was a really tough appointment. But, one foot forward is how we all get through life.
      Thanks for your comment and take care!

  3. Thanks for the confirmation - I decided to go for the Brother after reading a few not-so-great reviews on the Janome. I do agree that it's great entry level coverstitch. So excited for your Babylock!!! Can't wait to hear the review.

    K's top is so cute (she's growing up so fast!)! And I love the fit on yours. I really like the fabric but I find that type of print hard to wear as a top. It's weird how it'll seem fine in a dress or even more of a sweatshirt...

    Sorry to hear the health issues are continuing and that the prognosis isn't entirely positive. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts.

    1. you will enjoy the brother. I just couldn't believe how bad of a time I had with the Janome. You know you have to get rid of something when you stop sewing because it sucks so much!
      And thank you! both kids are growing so fast, but I'm sure you can relate! And my health issues just keep going and going. But I just keep chugging along!


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