Sunday, September 24, 2017

Dolmans, Shorts, and a pair of Yoga pants

Hello! I know it’s been awhile!  I’ve been very sick still.  I did just find out that I have H. pylori.  Sadly, I’m hoping it is the reason for some/most of my problems.  I just finished a wicked course of meds and can’t say yet if I feel any better.  Time will tell.  I have been able to get back into the sewing room though!

Sweet Tee:

So, I am not a fan of Dolman sleeves.  I just don’t like how they look on me and they feel weird.  However, I love how fast of a sew they are.  Back in May 2016 I wore a P4P Sweet Tee I made out of cotton lycra.

sweet tee may 2016
I wasn’t sold on it and cut it up for underwear.  Then I from time to time I thought about that tee and how easy it was to throw on.  Fast forward to last week when I had some leftover fabric from a dress I’m making and I decided I would try the Sweet tee out again. 

sweet tee 1

This time I used Double brushed poly.  It feels heavenly.  I still don’t like how the Dolman sleeves feel on my arms.  I dislike the top seam.  But I love how this top looks.
Size: Large for bust/waist, sloped to XL at hip.  I also did a 1/2” forward shoulder adjustment. 

sweet tee 2

Small swayback is needed if I make this again. 
Fabric: 1 yard Double Brushed Denim Teal Amber Floral on Poly Spandex; $8.50 from Knitpop

sweet tee 3

My lovely camera was acting up and it was 90°F, in September!?!.  This is the best side picture I could get.

sweet tee 4

Jalie 3352 Dolman:

I decided to compare the P4P Sweet Tee Dolman with the Jalie 3352 Dolman.  I used charcoal cotton lycra for this one.  I used size W tapering out to size Z at the hip.  I did a 1/4” forward shoulder adjustment and straightened the bottom because I don’t care for a high/lo hem. 

gray jalie 2

After I made it and tried it on it was huge on me.  I ended up tapering in each side by 2”.  I still do not like it.  It’s too loose and baggy. I'll be chopping this one up.


I did however enjoy learning to do a reverse coverstitch and of course it turned out perfect because I won’t be wearing this top. 

Palazzo Pants:

Size L at the waist to XL hips down.  I also scooped out 1/2” from the back butt curve.
These feel amazing when wearing them, though they do ride up my thighs.  Now that I see these pictures I see all these wrinkles :(
jalie palazzos 3

Fabric: Peacock space dye fabric from Joann's. 1 yard. $10.19;  normally I would never pay that much for a yard of noncustom fabric but Miss K had to have it. And I’ll admit I do love how thick it is.  Of course now Joann doesn’t have anymore.

jalie palazzos

I made another pair I loved these first ones so much.

black shorts front

And once I saw these pictures I saw more riding up at the hip.  I guess I need to make this pattern an XL at the hip instead of a large.  This fabric has more recovery too and is a bit tighter than the brushed poly I used the first time.

black shorts back

Fabric: Black Space Dye Poly Spandex Performance Tech Knit Fabric, 1 yard from Stylish fabrics; $7.20;  This fabric was supposed to be made into pants for me however… Miss K decided she would steal it and tell me she needed gym pants the following day.  So I only had leftovers to work with. 

BurdaStyle 11/2007 #122


Gym Pants. Miss K needed them in one day.  She stole my fabric and even the pattern I was going to use it for!  In the end she was happy so it worked out.  This is Burdastyle 11/2007 #122 Yoga pants


Size: 42. Then I shortened the rise 1” and took 2” out of the length.  I tapered each leg in by 1” for a total of 4”!  Miss K still says they are too wide at the leg (she loves those skinny jeans).  The waistband is originally 10 inches which you fold in half to 5 inches and then fold over again for the yoga waist.  Miss K hated that so I chopped up the waistband to be 3” and put in 1.5” sport elastic, folded over.  She wears them for gym and likes them enough so that is a win in my book. 


  1. I did not know the sweet tee was a Dolman sleeve until reading your post just now! I should get this pattern one day. I love my Jalie Dolman, but P4P has so many options with theirs. I'm jealous with your reverse stitching. LOL You are making it hard to keep up with you now. ha ha I like your palazzo shorts too.

    1. Thanks Shirley! I know you love those dolmans. I wish I had better luck fitting them. The p4p one does have lots of options between the hems and sleeves. No need to keep up with me, you do amazing things too! I am always in awe of your ability to make outfits. I tend to do just one thing at a time :)

  2. Dang it, I like the jalie a lot on you. I LOVE YOUR REVERSE STITCHING!! Did you use a specific tutorial??

    I hope you feel better soon. :hugs:

    1. Thanks Nakisha! No specific tutorial. I just had to get used to my new coverstitch. I got rid of my Brother 2340cv and purchased a Janome 1000cpx. I like it much better though it does take some getting used too :) Thank you!

  3. Sorry to hear about ongoing health issues. Hopefully you are moving towards some answers. I know what you mean about dolman sleeves, but I love the floral T. Definitely worth putting up with a bit of minor irritation for!


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