Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Quilt for K

 I started a quilt for Miss K last year.  I’ve never quilted before.  It doesn’t really interest me the way sewing clothing does.  I prefer instant gratification and quilts take for-ev-er.

So I started K’s quilt in February of 2016.  I finished the top quite fast and was so pleased with myself.  And then the top sat and sat and sat.  Miss K begged me to finish it, then harassed me, and finally pleaded with me. 

So this year March I decided to finish it. 

*It has to hang sideways on the clothes line to fit*



*The Quilt pattern is free on; This one is called “Free To Dream” by Lori Whitlock.  When I started the quilt Miss K had a queen bed.  By the time I went to finish it she had a twin bed so I decided to leave off the borders to make the quilt smaller.




*There are some of my favorite fabrics in this quilt by Riley Blake.  I have parts of “Saltwater” in here “Modern Minis,” “Vintage Market,” and “Little Red Riding Hood.” Tasha Noel is one of my favorite fabric designers.


*I decided on a simple diagonal quilted pattern*  The backing fabric matches her walls perfectly! And it wasn't even planned!




I love how it turned out.  Miss K loves it to pieces which makes it even better. 

I still find quilting boring and time consuming; however I love the end result.  I’ve already started another quilt for the Living room.  Let’s hope it takes me less than a year to complete!

Happy Sewing!


  1. For never having quilted before, you did an amazing job! It is really pretty and how cool is it that the backing matches the paint on the wall. I don't mind piecing a quilt together, but the actual quilting doesn't thrill me too much. I've got to finish my quilt, but I haven't quilted in so long that I forget how to figure out the backing and binding. I do have a book with handy tips and instructions on how to do that kind of thing.

    1. Thank you Shirley! I think it turned out ok because I wasn't so concerned with doing it perfectly. I was quite surprised it matched her wall.
      I used a book I had to figure out the binding and backing too :D I think your ships quilt is going to be an amazing feat. It has taken you a long time, but so worth it!

  2. I love quilts but would never make one, I have no patience.
    It is beautiful and matches her walls so well.

    1. LOL Thanks Nicole! I have very limited patience too :D

  3. Well done for getting it finished, a quilt is such a huge commitment, especially of time! It's so pretty, and I am really glad your daughter loves it. This is one make you really don't need her to reject!

    1. Thank you Philippa! I never thought it would get done! You are right, if she would have rejected it I might have sent her to grandmas permanently ;-) (kidding but I would have been very sad).


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