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Baby Sewing ~ Ottobre 03/2014 #2 & #3 and randomness

No, no babies on the horizon in this household.  My nephew is turning 1 on Friday and my DD wanted to take him an outfit.  I've never sewn a little one's outfit.  I settled on the Baboon jersey pants from the 03/2014 Ottobre and a matching "Spot Fish" T-shirt.  How cute are they?

Little clothing doesn't take much yardage but the pieces are much smaller to work with!  I didn't like the way I first attached the neck binding on the tee so I picked it off and then attached it the way I usually do.

View A - size 86cm - 1/2 yard stash
Nothing new or exciting to report on the Tee - I think I can sew them in my sleep now.  The instructions were good, I read through them after I finished sewing it up. I used my cover stitch for the hems and to top stitch the bindings on the neck and sleeves.  I also added Fusible stay tape to the shoulders.

View A - size 86 - 1/2 yard total between the blue and contrast fabrics
The pants were fun to sew (insert sarcasm). OMG. Attaching the butt circles was a pain because you are putting one concave curve into one convex curve - like sleeves but more severe.  I top stitched the circle seams down.  I didn't know what - and didn't care to read slowly - the instructions were asking for the leg cuffs.  I simply folded them in half wrong sides together and sewed them R sides together to the legs - like I do for bindings. Then I cover stitched the seams down.  I did this before sewing the legs together.
I omitted the drawstring because an active 1 yr old boy may get into trouble with it.  I serged the elastic onto the waist, in the round, then flipped it over to the inside and top stitched with the cover stitch.

They turned out really cute, but look big.  I hope he enjoys them. (he is a large 1 yr old so that is why I went for the 86cm size).

Blue: Laguna Stretch Cotton Jersey Knit Royal, by Kaufman. I picked it up from in Feb 2014; 1/2 yard was $3.49
White: Fast Food Cotton Knit bought from Feb 2013; 1/2 yard was $4.50
Total for the outfit: $7.99

In other randomness, I have been making a back to school sewing list and one of the priorities is Underwear for K.  She now only wears the Jalie 3242 ones I sew.  I cut out 12 pairs and managed to get 6 sewn so far.  I took to putting the elastic on top of the waist part and cover stitching them down, like I've seen in RTW ones before. This was much faster and wears all the same.

 The green floral is from an outgrown tank top, The pink is from an outgrown tee, and the blue are from scraps from K's maxi dress.

The oranges are scraps from K's T-shirt dress, the birds are from her PJ shirt - now too small, and the wild black and white are scraps from her T-shirt.   I estimate about 3/8 yard for each 2 pairs. (1 pair needs 11" high by 24" long) So, 1 1/8 yards were used for these 6.  (3/8 from stash, 3/8 from new fabric, and 3/8 from old clothes)

I have another pair of Thurlows altered, cut out, and ready to be sewn up and I'm going to be working on a Plantain too.

I'm in my "finals" week of class here so who knows when I'll get to them.  I've been very stressed and it has aggravated my chronic health issues, which in turn zaps all my energy to do anything. I'm sure I just need to get through this class (1.5 more weeks!) and the 12 page paper this week..... and I'll be less stressed and feeling better.
Nala thinks so anyway

August Totals:
(stash is anything purchased before this year)
Stash used: 7/8 yards
Fabric Out: 2 1/8 yards
Fabric In: 0 yards

Totals for the year to date:
Stash sew this year: 35.75 yards
Fabric out in 2014: 129.5 yards
Fabric in 2014: 141.25 yards

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. Using outgrown t-shirts is such a great idea for panties. I did that for potty trainers so I don't know why it didn't occur to me to use them for panties too.

    1. It works great and they get a new life even after outgrowing :) Plus sometimes K doesn't like certain tees so they get worn as undies, lol. Thanks!

  2. The little one's outfit is a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!!!!
    I am cheering for you and your class, and paper! You can do it :D

  3. Oh I got quite excited there for a moment! I've never sewn for a baby either. In my mind it's rather cute and fun but I guess it could get pretty fiddly! Anyway, your homesewn outfit is a lovely gift, I was always so touched if someone made something for one of mine (knitted items, usually) and I know I always favoured these above shop bought. It really shows someone has put some time and thought into their gift :) As for the undies, they are really sweet and a great way to use up smaller bits of fabric. I like that your daughter only wants home sewn now. Btw, good luck with the last bit of your course. I remember how tough it is, when children are younger x

    1. Hahaha Philippa you are funny :) No babies sadly. However, I get more "me" time now that my kids are older so I guess it works out! Thank you! The gift was well received so I'm relieved. :) 2 papers left and a handful of discussion posts...

  4. So cute! I love all the little outfits in Ottobre. It makes me wish I had known about the magazine when mine were little; I missed out on that and sewed with just the Big 4 patterns. You are doing a lot of sewing! Between what you and I have been sewing up, we could start stocking a store! LOL

    1. Thanks Shirley! I love those little outfits too - makes me want a little one just to sew for. I didn't get into it until K was 4 :(
      As much as we are sewing I still feel like I can never keep up :D lol!

  5. The baby outfit is so cute! I need to sew one for my grand-niece for my in-laws to take back to WI next week. I'm still trying to decide which patterns to use.;)

    Love all the undies and the clean finish of the coverstitch.

    Good luck with finals week and the paper!

    1. Thanks Cindy! Back to WI huh? Is that why your son likes the Packers? ;-) It will be getting cold here real quick so make something with long pants!
      Thanks on the finals! I get a break until October after this class ends Thursday.

      (ps. go buy a cover stich, you will love it!)

  6. I love that bum circle, it looks so cute! I have made only a suspenders dress for a 6 month old and it was so tiny as well. But I'm so impressed by your amount of underwear that you are sewing for K. I hope you are more relaxed soon!

    1. Thank you Daniela! That was my favorite part too :)
      I feel like the underwear are turning into the "Groundhog day" movie - each day is the same with more and more undies to sew! LOL

  7. The outfit is so cute!! I love sewing baby clothes because they're fast to make and don't take much yardage. Lately, I've been sewing a few dresses for my 2 year old sister. Good luck with your class! You can do it!! I'm going to have to start thinking about classes again as school starts in a few weeks already. Crazy how fast summer went!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I made it through class, barely! Yours should be starting up real soon here now; gosh this summer went by faster than any other :(


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