Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ottobre 03/2012 #34 Jungle Stripes Dress and Jalie 3242

Miss K was gone with grandma all day Friday and today so I thought I'd surprise her with a new dress.  She is on this kick lately of only wanting to wear dresses day and night.  I also wanted an easy project.

Enter Ottobre 03/2012 #34 Jungle Stripes Dress

This dress has been on my "to-do" list for a long time now.  I traced and cut a size 146 for K who wears an 8 in RTW.  There are only 4 pieces for this pattern: the front, back, sleeves, and pocket.

Everything went together extremely well. I followed the instructions exactly and had no problems.  Everything with this dress is straightforward and nothing is complicated.  I used my double needle to hem the neckline, sleeve hems, and bottom hem.  I used my wonder tape to ensure no funky waviness would occur.

There is elastic in the sleeve bottoms and elastic in the neck and sleeve tops.  The neckline is like a peasant top.  The pleats I did backwards accidentally but no one should notice.  K doesn't and that is all that matters to me!

It took me 2 short hours to sew up and I love the results.  This pattern is a winner in my book!

Fabric: ordered back in Feb. from The Fabric Fairy.  It is a dream to work with.  A nice stable knit.
"Colorful Umbrellas Cotton Knit" 1 yard of 60" wide for $7.19

Jalie 3242
I also tested out a new pattern to my collection Jalie 3242.  Cute matching underwear for K's dress above.  According to the size chart I went with a 10 yr old or letter N.

The instructions are very detailed and wonderfully supplemented with pictures.  They took maybe 1/2 hour to sew up and were so cute!  Problem is.... they are waaaaaaaaay to tight.  I'll have to try again with a bigger size.  Also, the pattern states to use 75% stretch and I know my knit is a ton less stretchy.  I still have enough to etch out two more pairs of undies with the same fabric so I'll try again.  Either way they are so cute!

K thought they were swim bottoms and my husband about died of confusion and laughter when he walked in.  "Why are you making underwear?" LOL.  He's a nut.

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. Super cute dress! The pleats are a nice twist on the peasant style. This one's on my list and is one of the reasons I bought that issue.

    And the answer to, "Why are you making undies?" is: Because I can! hehe

    Hope you're feeling well after your surgery.

    1. Thanks Joy! I wasn't sure how I would feel about the pleats at first but they do add to the overall appeal. Feeding the elastic through them was interesting! I also picked up this issue mainly for this dress. K has been asking for it everytime I browse the mag.

      LOL and I should have answered the husband with that! I love making things. I never knew the underwear were so easy. and Jalie patterns .... may be my new favorite! I have the tee one coming in the mail and the fleece jacket one like yours. I just need to try them out!

      So many patterns so little time ;-)

      And thanks, I'm feeling a little better each day :D


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