Monday, June 4, 2018

New Jalie Mimosa Scoopneck T-shirt 3890

Did you know that Jalie just released their new patterns?  14 to be exact! 

I was super lucky (and grateful) to be able to test some of their new patterns.  I’ll be sharing them as soon as I can get good pictures of them all (it was cold and snowy during the testing so not a good time for pictures). 

First up is a really cute new T-shirt top. 

Mimosa Scoopneck T-shirts 3890

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Size: V bust/waist to Y at hip (my exact measurements)

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Alterations: 1/4” forward shoulder (normal for me)

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Instructions: Excellent.  Jalie instructions have written steps as well as drawings for every step of the way.  They are easy and clear to understand.  You can also view them online before even purchasing the pattern. 

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Fabric: 1 yard (yes only one yard!) of "Tapestry Roses on Teal," med-weight, 4way stretch, Hacci Brushed Sweater Knit, 97% poly/3% spandex, $8.50 a yard purchased Sept 2017 from purpleseamstress

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  • I really like this top. 
  • It’s roomier than I usually wear my tee’s but that is ok
  • I love that it used only 1 yard of fabric
  • I think the cuffs are fun
  • The length is perfect, not too long and not short
  • My favorite part is the curved hem
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I first attempted to make this in a drapey, heavy, rayon spandex knit and it was no good.  The material hung and grew and the shirt ended up huge looking.  I would say to definitely use the recommended fabric for this – one with a bit of structure or recovery; or I suggest to size down one if using a really drapey knit like rayon/spandex.  This sweater knit was perfect for the top.

 I was actually disappointed I couldn't wear this for MeMadeMay but we had to keep quiet on the patterns.

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