Saturday, May 19, 2012

Circle Skirt ~ using design by MADE

I started this easy circle skirt the other day and then ran into the issue of not finding 2 inch wide elastic.  My local Wal-Mart didn't have any and I didn't' feel like trekking an hour to Hancock. Today we ended up being halfway to Hancock because Mr. T's friend moved over that way.  After we dropped him off Miss K and I went to Hancock.  Unfortunately they were having a huge sale and we went a bit overboard with the fabric..... but, one can never have too much fabric!  I did find the elastic too and came home to finish this.  Overall it would have taken me only a mere hour to cut and put this cute skirt together.

I love the length; I love the twirl factor.  Miss K likes how comfortable it is.  The fabric I used was a Pique (from Hancocks) and is a bit stiff but I'm sure it will loosen up.  Miss K picked out an owl fabric at the store today so I plan on making another one out of that (it's 100% cotton).  I'm so impressed with this skirt that I'm going to make one for myself!  Want to make one too?  Head over to MADE and try it out!


  1. Very cute!!! I love the purple. I want to make one for my niece, I like the one hour construction time!

    1. Thanks! I just finished another one in an Owl pattern. They are so fun and easy to make. It didn't take long at all. Now if I could just get Miss K to wear it!!! :)


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